Are Animal Crackers Vegan?


Since there’s no one definitive “animal cracker,” this is a tough question to answer.

What I can tell you is that some brands of animal crackers are vegan, and some are not.

While researching for this post, I looked at several brands, and took a closer look at 3 popular ones in particular.

Vegan and Non-Vegan Ingredients in Animal Crackers

Animal crackers typically have a pretty long list of ingredients. The main ingredients are all vegan:

  • Flour – Vegan
  • Soybean oil and soy lecithin – Vegan
  • Baking soda – Vegan
  • High fructose corn syrup – Unhealthy, but vegan.

However, there are some ingredients that are sometimes not vegan that you might see on an ingredients label:

  • Egg whites – Obviously not vegan.
  • “Lecithin” – If the ingredients list only says “lecithin”, it’s probably from animal sources and not vegan. If you see “Soy lecithin” specifically, that’s a good sign, since soy lecithin is usually vegan.
  • Palm oil (see is palm oil vegan) – Palm oil may be from a plant, but its production results in orangutans and tigers being brutally killed and injured. Many vegans avoid it.
  • Natural flavor – The term “natural flavor” covers a wide variety of flavoring ingredients. Some natural flavors are vegan, and some are not.
  • Sugar – Not all sugar in the United States is vegan, it’s up to you if you’re okay with taking the risk on it or not.

Some brands of animal crackers are vegan, and some are not (about a 50/50 split). You’ll need to look at each one individually.

Which Brands of Animal Crackers Are Vegan?

kirkland animal crackers

I looked at the full ingredients list for 3 of the most popular brands of animal crackers.

BrandPotential Non-Vegan IngredientVerdict
Trader Joe’s Animal CrackersNoneVegan
Kirkland Animal CrackersPalm oil, natural flavorPossibly vegan
Stauffer’s Animal CrackersSugar, natural flavorPossibly vegan
Glutino Animal CrackersEgg whitesNot vegan

Depending on how you feel about palm oil, there’s a decent chance that Kirkland and Stauffer’s animal crackers are vegan. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk on them.

Hopefully with all that in mind, you can find some good vegan animal crackers online or in a local store. It may take some digging, but there are options out there.

Are Frosted Animal Crackers Vegan?

The other type of cracker that is popular is frosted animal crackers, made by companies like Stauffer’s and Keebler.

These have the same base ingredients as normal animal crackers, plus other ingredients like:

Unlike normal animal crackers where some brands are vegan, I have not found any frosted animal crackers that are vegan.

If you do happen to find some, please share them with other people who might be looking for them in the comments below.

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