Are Cows Friendly? Here’s What You Should Know


Most people don’t know much about cows other than that beef comes from them.

But those that know the better know that most cows are just like big dogs.

They’re friendly, playful, and many even enjoy being pet.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should try to play with cows.

Cows Are Friendly, But Can Be Dangerous

Just as a refresher, cows are female and bulls are male.

While bulls are usually friendly too if you’re not aggressive, they’re obviously quite dangerous.

But cows can be dangerous too.

Not because they’re aggressive animals, but because cows are quite large and can get spooked. If they hurt you, chances are it will be because of an accident.

It Depends on Other Factors as Well

Just like people, some cows are more friendly than others.

It depends on:

  • If the cow was raised with a lot of human contact
  • If it’s protecting the herd
  • If their young are nearby
  • If it gets spooked

You generally should not approach cows unless you have more background information and instruction from the person who cares for them.

At the very least, keep your distance and don’t approach them from behind, or head on – from an angle on the side in their vision is best.

Examples of How Friendly and Cute Cows Can Be

If you really want to play with a cow, see if there’s a nearby cow sanctuary that you can visit.

Here’s a video with a collection of clips of how cute and friendly they can be.

Here’s one more video of a cow that was rescued by a sanctuary:

It likes hugs and to be pet, and even lies with its rescuers.

It’s pretty clear that cows are friendly if treated right, but stay on the safe side if you encounter one.

They’re really similar to dogs in a lot of ways, and many people go vegan once realizing this.

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