Are Garbanzo Beans the Same as Chickpeas?


types of chickpeas

The short answer: Yes, garbanzo beans and chickpeas are different names for the exact same legume.

“Garbanzo bean” is the Spanish name for them, while “Chickpeas” is the traditional English name for them.

In North America, you’ll hear a mix of both names.

There are 2 varieties of chickpeas, which have different colors and sizes:

  • Desi – The most common type of chickpea, making up 75% of the world’s production. They are smaller and darker, and have a rougher exterior.
  • Kabuli – This type is larger and lighter, and has a smooth coat. They mainly come from Northern Africa, Southern Europe, India, and South America.

Regardless of the type, they can come in colors other than beige, like green, black, brown, or even red.


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