The 8 Best Vegan Camera Straps


You don’t realize how many animal products we use besides food until you actually go vegan.

If you’re looking for a vegan camera strap, I’ve rounded up the most popular and highest rated ones.

The one catch is that most are only available in the U.S. directly, but you may be able to find the straps offered by photography stores in your country.

I’ve ordered them from most expensive to cheapest just to make it easier to find straps in your price range.

HoldFast’s Camera Swagg


This is the most robust strap on this list.

If you’ve heard of HoldFast before, you’ve likely heard of their popular MoneyMaker strap (not vegan). Well this is the same strap, just using vegan material.

The material is 100% cotton canvas, and each strap is one size fits all.

Hiptipico’s Geometric Strap


Hiptipico is an “ethical” bag and strap manufacturer.

All straps are crafted by Maya artisans, so they’re unique in some small way. Obviously you pay a little more for something like this, but the price isn’t outrageous.

This strap can be used for a camera or bag, it clips on to most small pieces of equipment.

Handwoven Camera Strap by West Coast Weave


Etsy has a few unique vegan camera straps that have great reviews.

A bonus is that since most Etsy sellers are small businesses, they’re more open to customization (which you can do here).

This strap is made mainly of cotton, but also contains nylon and plastic.

Be careful when you order because this can also be a non-vegan camera strap. You have to choose your strap ends, which are leather by default. Make sure to pick the vegan option.

Faux Leather Camera Strap by Ten8e


This is another popular strap made by an Etsy seller.

It’s handmade of faux leather and plastic materials. It’s unisex and comes in a few different colors.

Couch’s The Dark Brown Western Camera Strap


These are the most inexpensive, while still decent quality straps you’ll find.

This one is a nice simple, vintage-looking strap is made of vegan embossed leather.

It also has a soft cotton layer for your shoulder so that it’s comfortable to wear for a long time.

For the price it can’t really be beat.

Couch’s Double Stitch Black Vegan Leather Slim Camera Strap


Couch has a few other high quality, but cheap vegan options.

This one is made from textured vinyl which will eventually fade to a greyish color with use.

It fits all standard DSLR cameras, and it 1.5” wide.

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