Is Palm Oil Vegan? The Truth Behind Palm Oil is Very Sad


Palm oil, that stuff you find in tons of processed foods. You get it by extracting oil from the palm fruit. Certainly sounds vegan, right? By the most common definition of veganism, palm oil is vegan. If you were looking for a simple answer, there it is. However, many vegans do not eat palm oil, at all. Why not? There’s 2 main issues: Human rights violations Animals killed to grow more palm...

Is Plastic Bad for the Environment?


Do you go for that extra dessert knowing that you might regret it later? Maybe you have a lot of self-control, but most people don’t. It’s hard to choose future benefit over present enjoyment. The clearest example of that is the environment. We have been borrowing against the future of the environment in return for convenience and pleasure, and the results are really starting to become clear...