14 Vegan Job and Career Path Ideas


For most of my life I have lacked passion. Sustained motivation and a feeling of any real purpose. There were things I liked, but it never felt like any of those mattered on a real scale. Until I went vegan. Once you do that, I think most find passion in trying to live a more compassionate life, and hopefully rubbing off on those around them. You can do that when working at most jobs...

Want to Invest in Beyond Meat? Here’s What You Need to Know


As soon as I went vegan, it became really clear that veganism is growing fast, and Beyond Meat is crushing it. They are dominating a rapidly expanding niche, and it’s going to be years until any competitor can compete with their quality or scale. If I could invest in Beyond Meat today I would, and I’m sure you would too. But here’s the bad news… Beyond Meat is still a private company...

The Best Vegan Companies to Invest In: Public and Private Stock Options


I support vegan businesses any way I can. One of the ways you might want to do that is by finding vegan companies to invest in, and add them to your portfolio. While you don’t have a ton of options when it comes to vegan companies that are publicly traded, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of your options. You basically have 4 options to invest in vegan businesses, based on your...