Best Vegan Companies to Invest In: Public and Private Stock Options


I support vegan businesses any way I can. One of the ways you might want to do that is by finding vegan companies to invest in, and add them to your portfolio. While you don’t have a ton of options when it comes to vegan companies that are publicly traded, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of your options. You basically have 4 options to invest in vegan businesses, based on your...

Want to Invest in Beyond Meat? Here’s What You Need to Know


As soon as I went vegan, it became really clear that veganism is growing fast, and Beyond Meat is crushing it. They are dominating a rapidly expanding niche, and it’s going to be years until any competitor can compete with their quality or scale. If I could invest in Beyond Meat today I would, and I’m sure you would too. But here’s the bad news… Beyond Meat is still a private company...

14 Vegan Job and Career Path Ideas


For most of my life I have lacked passion. Sustained motivation and a feeling of any real purpose. There were things I liked, but it never felt like any of those mattered on a real scale. Until I went vegan. Once you do that, I think most find passion in trying to live a more compassionate life, and hopefully rubbing off on those around them. You can do that when working at most jobs...