The 5 Best Vegan Gym And Lifting Shoes for Athletes


A lot of popular lifting shoes aren’t vegan. Even classic brands like Converse often use adhesives that contain animal products. Adidas has a few product lines that some claim are vegan, but they’re never clearly labelled or certified. Personally, I’d like to be sure that my shoes are vegan. A while back I needed new shoes, and ended up researching the best options. I’m going to share with you...

The 5 Best Organic Vegan Protein Powder Supplements


Originally, I wanted to find the best vegan protein powder, so I bought 21 products, and tested them all. It wasn’t until later that it occurred to me that some people are only interested in organic protein supplements. So I made this page, focusing only on the best organic vegan protein powders. Out of the original 21, that leaves 5. I’ll go over my testing procedure, and then get right into...

The Best Vegan Trail Running Shoes


I know from experience that finding a new pair of runners that you like can be a chore, especially if you’re looking for vegan trail running shoes. So I put together a list of the most popular options that are pretty diverse. I’m sure that there’s at least one or two appealing options for just about all runners. Note that I left out companies like Salomon and Nike. While both are known for their...