The Best Vegan Alternatives to Sour Cream


Whether you typically use sour cream when baking, or add it to soups and potatoes, you have a few options as a vegan. Sour cream is made using cream (dairy) with lactic acid. Since lactic acid can be obtained from non-animal sources, we can made plant-based sour creams that do a decent job replicating the traditional one. I’ve divided your main options into 2 main categories: Store-bought and...

8 Of The Best Vegan Bulking Recipes


Obviously it’s a bit more difficult to bulk on a vegan diet, but gaining mass is still doable with a little extra work. To make it a little easier for you, I’ve compiled the best vegan bulking recipes on this page. 8 recipes with a high amount of calories and protein, the 2 ingredients for packing on lean mass. Before we get to the recipes, I’ve also compiled a list of about 20 vegan whole foods...