The Best Vegan Multivitamin to Buy in 2020 (Gummies & Capsules)


If you took a multivitamin before becoming vegan, chances are that it’s not vegan friendly. Vegans don’t necessarily need to take a multivitamin, but it can be a nice backup if your diet isn’t always so great. This short post will go over 2 main things: The most important vitamins and minerals for vegans (data-backed) The best vegan multivitamins What Should You Look For in A...

My Deva Vegan Multivitamin Review: The Best Vegan Multi?


(See price) Deva is one of the most reputable vegan supplement manufacturers there is. From my personal experience and research, Deva’s multivitamin is the best vegan multivitamin overall. It’s a bit more expensive than some alternatives, but still reasonable, especially when you consider that one bottle will last you 3 months or so. I’ll break down why I think it’s a solid...

Do Vegans Need to Take a Multivitamin? [Research-Backed]


Summary: If you regularly eat vegetables and legumes, you won’t benefit from multivitamins much (if at all). The 3 main nutrients that a vegan might lack that a multivitamin has are Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and iron. If you lack any of those, you can take specific supplements for each, or take multivitamin for convenience. Here’s a collection of the best vegan multivitamins if you’re planning on...