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Are Pigs Smarter Than Dogs? (Review of Pig Intelligence Studies)


A few years back, I started questioning whether it was ethical to eat meat or not. This led me (and most other people) to thinking about the difference between pets and animals raised for food. You’d never harm a hair on a dog, so there must be a difference between dogs and say a pig, right? I believed one of those differences at the time could be intelligence. In my mind at...

Why Are Vegans So Mean and Angry?


Aggressive, pushy, pretentious, judgemental… If you asked me to describe vegans just 2 years ago, these words all would have come to mind. Now that I’ve gone vegan, it’s much easier to see and understand the 2 opposing sides. Hopefully I can shed some light into why some vegans are so mean and/or angry. Consider Selection Bias I’d like to ask you a question. How many vegans do you know...

Are Insects Considered Animals? (Is Killing a Fly Vegan?)


Insects are arthropods, which are animals. They have animal cells, they have a form of a nervous system, and ingest food to get energy. So in the simplest and most direct sense of the question, insects are of course animals. If that’s all you were after here, there’s your answer. But a related question that is interesting is whether or harming (killing or eating) insects is okay for a...