Do You Need to Boil Seitan? (Or Cook At All?)


There’s a whole lot of confusion around seitan.

It’s not a food that’s been popular until lately with the rise of plant-based meat alternatives.

So let’s clear up a few common questions about it.

Do You Need to Cook Seitan?

The answer to this question stems from the fact that “seitan” only exists in a cooked form.

If you ever buy seitan in the grocery store, it has always been cooked already.

Typically, seitan recipes say to fry your pre-made seitan in a pan, but this is just to improve the texture and heat it up, it’s not actually necessary.

To clarify – you don’t “need” to cook seitan, because it’s already cooked. But heating it up properly improves the taste and lets you add other flavors like spices.

Do You Need to Boil Seitan to Cook It?

I was scared away from making seitan for a while when I first discovered it.

All the recipes I came across called for steaming and well…I didn’t have a steamer.

However, if you refer to that list of 100 seitan recipes I linked above, you’ll see that seitan can also be made by baking it.

There are many cooking methods, so just pick one that seems the easiest to you. I’d recommend baking to start with if you’re not a great cook (like me).

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