Are Duck Boots Vegan? (And the Best Vegan Duck Boots)


Duck boots (a.k.a. Bean Boots), were first made and popularized by L.L. Bean.

They’ve recently become trendy again.

Unfortunately, duck boots are not typically vegan.

The originals are made with a rubber sole (vegan) and a leather upper (not vegan). Most duck boots made by other companies are made with the same materials.

There are a few vegan alternatives, but you won’t find a replacement that looks or feels the exact same as the original.

The Best Vegan Duck Boot Alternatives

Here are 2 vegan duck boot options to consider.

If you’re not a fan of the style or color, another alternative is to buy any other vegan boot, particularly if you need warm boots for winter, and spray them with waterproofing spray.

Jimmy Citylite Duck Boots From Native Shoes

jimmy cityline duck boots

Native Shoes sells a wide variety of shoes and boots, all of which I believe are vegan.

The Jimmy Citylite boot is a 100% waterproof duck boot made with a:

  • EVA upper shell (A polymer, a.k.a. plastic)
  • Canvas boot shaft
  • Microfleece lining (A synthetic material)
  • Rubber outsole

So, they’re mostly made of various types of plastic.

Not the best for the environment, but you don’t have many alternatives when it comes to waterproof clothing like duck boots.

Kohl’s Seven7 J-Hawk Women’s Waterproof Duck Boots

kohls duck boots

These boots also appear to be vegan, featuring:

  • Faux-leather upper
  • Microfleece boot lining
  • Synthetic midsole
  • PVC outsole (plastic)

They’re waterproof, and should keep your feet quite warm.

I realize that’s not a huge selection of great alternatives, but duck boots are a fairly niche product that haven’t quite caught on among vegan footwear companies.

I’ll try to keep this page updated if any new ones closer to the originals come out.

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