Ghost Vegan Protein Powder Review [Test Results + Pictures]


Verdict: Ghost vegan protein powder is a pretty typical vegan protein powder, but it’s well made. I would particularly recommend it for those who want a stevia-free option that tastes good.

  • Pros: Mixes well and has a good flavor. Also has a good variety of unique flavors.
  • Cons: Protein content is pretty average. A bit more expensive than the average plant based protein powder (which is already more expensive than whey protein).

At this point, I’ve bought and tested 37 different vegan protein powders.

While Ghost is not my favorite overall, it is a bit above average. This short review will break down how I scored Ghost on protein content, cost, and taste.

Also keep in mind that Ghost is one of the few companies to offer vegan protein powder samples if you’d like to try a few small servings before deciding on buying a larger size.

ghost protein packaging

Ghost Vegan Protein

A great tasting plant-based protein powder with a blend of pea, pumpkin, and watermelon seed protein. No added sugars and a solid 20 grams of protein per serving.

About Ghost Supplements

Ghost is still a fairly young company. It was launched in 2016 by Ryan Hughes and Daniel Lourenco in Chicago.

Since that time, they’ve aggressively marketed their products by sponsoring influencers and athletes. Ryan Huges was an IFBB bodybuilding pro before founding the company, so this approach makes sense.

They sell a decent variety of workout supplements, from protein powder (both whey and vegan) to pre-workouts. The most unique aspect of their products is the variety of flavors, including flavors like bubblicious, “sour patch kids,” and so on.

ghost supplements products

Is Ghost a Good Company?

So far, Ghost seems like a solid company that hasn’t had any bad press or product recalls. Most of their products are highly rated by both customers and reviewers as well.

While Ghost sells non-vegan products, they do offer a convenient “vegan” filter when browsing their online store, which I do appreciate.

How Much Protein Is In Ghost Vegan Protein?

ghost protein powder scoop

The most important aspect of any protein shake is obviously the protein content.

Ghost’s chocolate cereal milk protein has 20 grams of protein and 120 calories per serving

ghost vegan protein nutrition facts

That’s about 66% of the calories coming from protein, which is about average for vegan protein powders. For reference, some alternatives have well over 80% of the calories coming from protein.


Ghost’s vegan protein has a reasonable amount of protein per calorie, but it is on the low side compared to other vegan protein powders if you really care about macros.


All of Ghost’s vegan proteins are gluten free and soy free. They have a pretty standard ingredient list:

  • Vegan protein blend (pea protein concentrate, organic pumpkin protein, watermelon seed protein), Cocoa powder, Natural and artificial flavors, Sunflower creamer, Salt, Sucralose, Xanthan Gum

The protein blend ensures that it has a more complete protein profile, although that’s not important in most situations.

Note that this is sweetened with sucralose, while most others are sweetened with stevia. It’s one of the few vegan protein powders without stevia for those who don’t like the taste of stevia.

Is Ghost Expensive Compared to Other Vegan Protein Powders?

I keep track of the cost per 100 grams of protein powder for all the vegan protein powders that I review.

The average at this point is $4.3 per 100 grams, while Ghost costs right around $5 per 100 grams.


Ghost’s vegan protein powder is a bit more expensive than average for a vegan protein powder.

Does Ghost Vegan Protein Powder Taste Good?

There are 2 aspects of taste that I measure when I test a protein powder:

  • How well it mixes
  • How good the flavor is


clumps in ghost protein

While Ghost’s powder didn’t mix perfectly, it mixed very well.

After straining the shake through a fine mesh strainer, there was 1 gram of clumps. In other words, about 97% or so of the powder dissolved just fine (for a 35 gram scoop).


ghost protein shake

The flavor itself was great and there was no aftertaste. 

However, there was a bit of a chalky texture, which is common among plant-based protein powders. It still tastes good overall, but there’s room to improve.

On my scale out of 25, I would rate the flavor of Ghost as a 22.

Note that I only tested the chocolate cereal milk flavor, it also comes in: peanut butter cereal milk, pancake batter, and banana pancake batter flavors.


The taste of Ghost’s shakes is the strongest aspect of this protein powder. It mixes quite well and has a great flavor.

My Overall Impression of Ghost Vegan Protein Powder

Overall I think this is a decent vegan protein powder that could be a good choice for someone who is more concerned about taste than macros or cost.

Here’s a quick summary of what we looked at:

Aspect Summary
Percent of calories from protein Not particularly high, right around average when compared with others.
Ingredient quality Good protein blend, and one of the few plant based powders without stevia.
Cost A bit more expensive than average.
Taste Unique flavors and decent variety. This powder mixes well and tastes quite good.

Alternatives to Ghost Vegan Protein

While I think Ghost is a good choice for some people, here are a few alternatives you might want to consider:

  • Future Kind – Of all the protein powders I’ve tested, this is the best overall one when you consider taste, cost, and protein content. It’s also not sweetened with Stevia. See my full Future Kind review here.
  • Nuzest – If you’re mostly concerned about taste, Nuzest is arguably the best tasting pea protein out there, but it’s also very expensive. If you’d like a more detailed breakdown, here’s my Nuzest pea protein review.
  • PlantFusion – I think PlantFusion is very comparable to Ghost, but a bit better in every category. It’s more affordable, has a higher protein content, and has a better overall taste as well. If you’d like more details, check out my PlantFusion complete vegan protein powder review.

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