Hemp Protein Amino Acid Profile


Hemp is a common ingredient in many vegan protein powders.

The following chart shows a typical hemp protein’s amino acid profile. Essential amino acids have a little asterisk next to their names.

This graph was generated using our amino acid profile comparison tool.

hemp protein amino acid profile graph

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Complete List of Hemp’s Amino Acids

It might be easier to read in table form. Essential amino acids are again marked with an asterisk (*).

  % of total amino acids
Alanine 4.7
Arginine 11.4
Aspartic Acid 10.7
Cystine 2
Glutamic Acid 17.6
Glycine 4.8
Histidine* 2.7
Isoleucine* 4.5
Leucine* 6.8
Lysine* 3.8
Methionine* 2.6
Phenylalanine* 4.7
Proline 4.6
Serine 5
Threonine* 3.9
Tryptophan* 1.1
Tyrosine 3.3
Valine* 5.6

Is Hemp a Complete Protein?

Hemp is so close to being a complete protein, based on the relative amounts of each essential amino acid defined by the WHO:

Complete Protein (min %)
Hemp Protein (%)
Histidine 1.5 2.7
Isoleucine 3 4.5
Leucine 5.9 6.8
Lysine 4.5 3.8
1.6 4.6
3 8
Threonine 2.3 3.9
Valine 3.9 5.6

It falls a bit short when it comes to lysine, but not by much.

The real issue with hemp is eating a lot of it. There’s only so many hemp seeds that you can add to a shake, oatmeal, or salad.

Overall Summary of Hemp Protein’s Amino Acid Profile

It’s debatable whether or not hemp is a complete amino acid (certain crops could be). It has a decent quantity of all essential amino acids.

But as long as you’re not getting 100% of your protein from hemp, it’s a non-issue.

Compared to whey protein, just for reference to an animal protein, there are only a few main differences:

  • Hemp is relatively high in arginine and glycine
  • Hemp is relatively low in leucine, isoleucine, and threonine

Considering leucine and isoleucine are both essential amino acids, that’s not great for hemp. But overall, hemp is a high quality protein source with a solid amino acid profile, which is arguably even better than soy’s amino acid profile.

Finally, note that beans compliment hemp quite well. They have a lot of leucine and isoleucine, and are great vegan sources of tryptophan.

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