7 High Protein Vegan Recipes With No Soy


Go look at any list of high protein vegan recipes, and you’ll see the same ingredients…

Tofu, tempeh, edamame, and other soy-derived products.

If you don’t like soy, want to limit your intake, or are allergic to it, it’s rough.

To solve this problem, I put together a huge list of over 150 high protein vegan recipes, but with a twist.

If you don’t like soy, go to filter above the table that says

“Do NOT show recipes that include:”

And select “soy” from the drop-down menu.

That will filter out all of the recipes that contain soy in most common forms. After you do that, there’s still at least half the original list of recipes to choose from.

I’ve done that exact thing, and have listed 7 of the best ones (highest protein contents) below for you.

They focus on ingredients like seitan, protein powder (usually from pea protein), and legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) for the most part.

1. The Easiest Protein Pancakes

easy vegan protein pancakes

This is a great breakfast recipe that is based on vegan protein powder. Most vegan protein powders are made from pea protein or other non-soy protein sources.

Coming from someone who has tried quite a few vegan protein recipes, this is one of the more consistent ones that produce pancakes with good texture.

2. Vegan Cauliflower Lentil Loaf

vegan cauliflower lentil loaf

Lentils might be my favorite plant based source of protein, and this loaf is stuffed with them.

It’s super filling, tastes really good, and can be eaten as a main dish or as a side with many other things.

There’s really only 4 main ingredients, plus a handful of spices and the glaze, so it doesn’t take long to make.

3. Vegan Chocolate Almond Protein Bars

vegan chocolate almond protein bars

The easiest way to avoid soy is to make use of vegan protein powder. Very few of them are actually made with soy protein.

These bars have solid macros, and basically taste like a dessert.

In addition to the protein powder, the almonds provide a bit extra protein, and really helps with the taste.

4. Red Cabbage Salad with Curried Seitan

red cabbage salad with seitan

Seitan is made from wheat protein and has an incredibly high protein content, even higher than animal meats.

This is a simple cabbage salad paired with curried seitan, a healthy protein packed recipe.

5. Seitan Panang Curry

seitan panang curry

Again, this recipe incorporates seitan as a main protein source.

It also has a different variant of curry flavor, and can be paired with rice, salad, or other quinoa.

I like recipes like these because it’s easy to adjust the ratio of seitan to rice to achieve whatever macros you’re looking for.

6. Veggie and Red Lentil Soup

veggie and red lentil soup

This soup is my go-to recipe for lentil soup. It’s delicious and has a solid amount of protein per serving.

You essentially just throw everything in a pot and let it cook.

7. Protein Power Lentils and Amaranth Patties

lentil and amaranth patties

Finally, this recipe combines lentils and amaranth (a grain) to make small crispy patties.

There’s just a handful of ingredients needed to make this meal. You could eat them by themselves, but I’d recommend making them alongside a basic salad or even some fries.

About the author

Dale Cudmore

Your friendly neighborhood vegan from Toronto. Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance nutrition writer. I've been vegan for years and try to make life easier for others by sharing what I've learned.