9 High Protein Vegan Soup Recipes With Macros


Soup is a great comfort food, and really nice in the winter if you live in a chilly climate.

Even if a soup isn’t typically or always vegan, like miso soup, you can make a vegan version of just about any soup.

In the process of finding over 150 high protein vegan recipes, I came across several great soup recipes.

Here are the best ones from that page.

1. Veggie and Red Lentil Soup

veggie and red lentil soup

Per serving: Calories – 173, Protein – 12 grams

This is an extremely simple red lentil soups that only has a handful of ingredients.

Lentils are one of the highest protein legumes, and taste great in soups. The creamy texture is achieved by adding nutritional yeast to the veggie broth, in addition to kale and mixed vegetables.

2. Jalapeno Black Bean & White Bean Soup

jalapeno black bean soup

Per serving: Calories – 258, Protein – 15 grams

This soup is almost like a chili, with a bit of spice added as well. This is the type of hearty soup that I like to eat as a main dish, or maybe paired with some bread. Side note: Sourdough bread is usually vegan, but white bread or naan bread typically aren’t.

3. Smoky Black Eyed Pea Soup with Tempeh and Spinach

smoky black eyed peas soup

Per serving: Calories – 434, Protein – 25 grams

I’m a big fan of tempeh, and this is one of the few soup recipes that incorporates it. It adds a lot of extra protein, and you’ll grow to love (or tolerate) the taste if you don’t already.

It also calls for black eyed peas, which I think are under-utilized in vegan cooking in general. Legumes are a high protein vegan food, so adding any kind to your soup will improve the macros.

4. Greek Lentil Soup

greek lentil soup

Per serving: Calories – 276, Protein – 15 grams

Another great lentil soup with a Greek twist.

This one is more of a side dish to me. It only has 288 calories per serving, but seems like it would pair well with most grains.

Obviously you should use a vegan Greek yogurt, or substitute in a vegan heavy cream or coconut milk for a similar effect on taste and texture.

5. Our Very Favorite Black Bean Soup

black bean soup

Per serving: Calories – 259, Protein – 14 grams

I’ll admit that black beans in soups usually don’t look too appetizing, but I really like the taste of most of them.

If you’re interested in soups just because you like low calorie meals, check out my list of high protein vegan recipes with low calories.

6. Lentil Spinach Soup

lentil spinach soup

Per serving: Calories – 252, Protein – 15 grams

Leafy greens like spinach are some of the best high protein low calorie vegan foods. They don’t have many calories, but a large percent of them come from protein. You can throw a large amount of spinach in most soups and it will shrink down to a reasonable amount.

Aside from the spinach, this is another simple green or brown lentil soup with canned tomatoes to add a bit of flavor. It’s a healthy soup that’s low in calories, but has a decent amount of protein.

7. Vegan Black Bean Soup

high protein black bean soup vegan

Per serving: Calories – 217, Protein – 11 grams

When I think of a hearty soup, I think of black bean soups like this one. It’s a simple recipe that you can have ready in half an hour, and perfect for Fall or Winter nights. If you have extra time, you can make it in a slow cooker as well.

Recipes like this one often call for an immersion blender to make them more of a varied and chunky texture. If you don’t have one, that’s okay, but it can improve the overall taste if you’re not the biggest fan of black beans.

8. Tofu Noodle Soup

tofu noodle soup vegan

Per serving: Calories – 354, Protein – 18 grams

Missing chicken noodle soup? This is a solid alternative that’s still high in protein.

It’s a pretty standard noodle soup recipes (vegetables, mushrooms, peas, pasta), but also includes a block of firm tofu. Frying the tofu before adding it to the soup improves the texture.

You might even want to freeze the tofu, many people prefer the texture afterwards. Another alternative is to use brown rice instead of the pasta if you are gluten free.

9. Best Lentil Soup

high protein vegan lentil soup

Per serving: Calories – 366, Protein – 14.5 grams

The author of this lentil soup recipe declares it the “best.” I don’t know if it is, but it’s a delicious soup recipe.

Like a few others on this list, this filling soup includes diced tomatoes to make it feel that extra bit hearty. The lemon juice on top adds even more of an acidic component that balances out the salt.

It also doesn’t include many vegetables, so if you had any that you wanted to add yourself, there’s room to experiment (e.g. sweet potato, green beans).

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