How to Cook Beyond Burgers in the Oven


beyond burger packaging

Beyond Burgers are typically fried, but if that’s not an option for some reason, you can certainly cook them in the oven.

I bought a bunch of them recently and experimented with this in order to find the ideal cooking temperature and time.

The general procedure is simple:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400F
  2. Put thawed Beyond Burgers on a cooking tray (no oil needed)
  3. Cook for 12-15 minutes (or until an internal temperature of 165F) and remove

Here’s what mine looked like after 15 minutes (I like them well done):

oven cooked beyond burgers inside

There’s still a bit of pink inside, which is normal and what the package says to expect.

Detailed Steps to Cooking Beyond Burgers in an Oven

If you like your burgers a particular way, you may need to change things up.

Let’s go through your options after you preheat your oven…

Option 1: Pan or Tray 

I used a typical baking pan, a cookie sheet would also work.

You can use a cooking rack instead of a pan if you’d like, but put a pan underneath since Beyond Burgers release a lot of oil.

Option 2: Rare or Well Done?

To start with, if you’re using a pan, the side that is down will of course become harder/crispier.

If you want both sides to be the same, flip them after 6-8 minutes.

I prefer mine on the well done side, so I cooked my burgers for a full 15 minutes and flipped after 8 minutes.

Here’s what they looked like when I took them out:

cooked beyond burgers in pan

In terms of taste, they tasted just as good as when I fried Beyond Burgers, so I consider this experiment a success!

If you opt to skip a bun, make sure to use a lettuce that doesn’t fall apart.

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