Is Baby Powder Vegan? (Sometimes it is…)


Baby powder is typically incredibly simple, with only one or two ingredients.

The main ones you’ll see are:

  • Talcum powder (or Talc)
  • Corn starch
  • Fragrance

Talcum powder is derived from rock deposits, corn starch is obviously from corn, and fragrance is typically a mixture of plants to add a scent.

No animal products in sight – yay.

But, many companies that manufacture baby powder also test on animals, making their baby powder not vegan.

You’ll need to go through each company to figure out if their powder is vegan or not. 

If you’re having a tough time with a particular brand, leave me a comment below and I’ll try to help you find out.

Is Johnson’s Baby Powder Vegan?

johnsons baby powder

Johnson’s (i.e. Johnson & Johnson) makes a few different baby powders.

Their most popular one is made of talc and fragrance.

They also make a cornstarch based powder that has no animal ingredients either.

However, Johnson & Johnson DOES test on animals, even if they try to do it in an “ethical” way.

I was unable to find out if their baby powders in particular are tested on animals, but there’s a decent chance that they are.

So, while I can’t be 100% sure, Johnson’s baby powder is likely NOT vegan. The same applies to Johnson’s other products like baby shampoo.

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  • Thank you Dale, I also have been vegan for many years, but still need help reading some of the labels to make sure they are vegan