Is Bug Spray Vegan?


There are 2 types of bug sprays.

Those that kills bugs that come in contact or ingest it, and those that simply repel them.

Bug repellents typically aren’t quite as effective, but avoids killing most bugs.

There’s a few things that a vegan needs to consider here.

Are Bug Sprays That Kill Bugs Vegan?

While they seem different than most, insects are still animals.

It’s generally accepted that vegans should try not to kill bugs if possible. In other words, you won’t see many vegans going around looking for ants to step, but it might accidentally happen while walking somewhere and you’d never know.

That might lead you to think that bug sprays that kill bugs are not vegan.

But it’s a bit of a grey area.

With these types of bug sprays, you’re not actively seeking out these bugs. Instead, you’re protecting yourself from “attacks” from potentially harmful bugs like mosquitos (that might carry diseases).

By that logic, most vegans would consider bug spray of any kind to be vegan (as long as you’re just applying it to your clothes, and not going around spraying it at bugs).

Natural Bug Repellent Alternatives

As I said, bug sprays that kill are a grey area.

It’s reasonable if you’d like to be on the safe side and stick to a spray that repels that majority of bugs instead without hurting them.

If so, you have quite a few options, and you can even make your own.

diy bug spray

If you’d like to buy one, look for these popular brands:

Pretty much any “all natural” bug spray will repel bugs instead of killing them.

There are others, and the only thing a vegan really needs to look out for is beeswax.

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