Is Calcium Citrate Vegan Friendly?


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Calcium citrate is one of, if not the, best form of calcium.

It’s found in some of the best vegan calcium supplements.

It absorbs well, and rarely causes stomach issues like other forms of calcium used in supplements.

The calcium citrate used in food and supplement products is vegan-friendly.

It can be found in nature, but the vast majority of it is made industrially in a lab process that combines citric acid and calcium hydroxide. This turns into a solid form that can then be added to or shaped into a supplement.

When you digest it, calcium citrate dissolves into citric acid (an easy to digest vegan ingredient), and calcium ions, which are easy to absorb.

Calcium citrate is completely dairy free. You might see it on milk products, but that’s only because they fortify the milk with it.

How is Calcium Citrate Made

Calcium citrate is a salt produced during the fermentation of citric acid (which comes from fruit).

This is the standard process used on an industrial scale (source), so it’s safe to say that virtually all, if not all calcium citrate comes from this process, which is completely vegan.

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