Is Cologne Tested on Animals?


Just like women’s perfume is often tested on animals, so is cologne.

Animal testing isn’t required for selling cologne in most countries, it is for some – China is the biggest one.

So if a cologne brand sells products in China, then they typically test on animals at least for certain products.

Sites like Ethical Elephant are good places to check if a company is “cruelty-free” before buying a cologne.

How Is Cologne Tested on Animals?

lab testing

The tests are the same as done for perfume (very similar products obviously).

There are 3 main ways that animals suffer because of this:

  • Irritation tests – Cologne will be dropped into the eyes of an animal (rabbit/rodent), or rubbed on bare skin to see if it’s irritating.
  • Poison tests – Typically done on rodents; Researchers force the rodents to inhale or eat the product to see if or when it becomes toxic.
  • Euthanization – Most of these animals are bred for a life of captivity and testing. If they get sick or are no longer “useful,” they are put down.

Animal testing for cologne is completely unnecessary and it’s sad that it still happens (although not as much as it used to).

Take the time to find out if a cologne company you’re considering tests on animals or not, even if you have to contact customer service yourself.

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