Is Lo Mein Vegan?


While there are vegan versions of lo mein that you can make, lo mein is not typically vegan. The same goes for chow mein noodles.

The noodles in traditional lo mein are egg noodles, which of course have eggs in them.

So it’s already not vegan, before you consider any other ingredient.

Even Vegetable Lo Mein is Not Vegan

Usually lo mein also contains vegetables and some sort of meat.

Obviously the ones with meat are definitely not vegan.

There’s plenty of Asian food that is vegan, so don’t be too discouraged that lo mein is off the menu for you at restaurants any more.

Vegan Alternatives to Lo Mein Noodles

vegan lo mein

While not always vegan either, ramen noodles are more frequently vegan than either chow mein or lo mein noodles.

There are also many simple vegan lo mein recipes that you can make at home if you’re missing it.

The flavor is almost the same, you just use a vegan-friendly noodle substitute.

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