Is Miso Soup Vegan?


Some miso soups are vegan, and some are not.

There are many variations.

If you go to a restaurant, it’s not safe to assume that miso soup on the menu is vegan, unless it’s clearly marked.

The 3 Components of Miso Soup

Traditionally, there are 3 main parts of a soup:

  • The stock – Most commonly made from dried sardines (not vegan), kelp, tuna (not vegan), or shiitake mushrooms.
  • The miso paste – Made from fermented soy beans and a grain. Miso paste is vegan.
  • The solid ingredients – Can include tofu, negi (an onion), seaweed, mushrooms, potatoes, shrimp, fish, clams.

Now it’s probably clear why some miso soup is vegan, and some isn’t.

Which Parts of Miso Soup Might Not Be Vegan

The miso paste is just about always vegan, so ignore that from now.

If you order miso soup, ask for a shiitake or kelp base, most restaurants will be happy to accommodate you.

Next, the solid ingredients are typically listed. Give these a read over and make sure only vegan ingredients are included in yours.

Unless there’s a specially marked vegan label, you’re going to have to ask about any miso soup, it’s not safe to assume it will be vegan friendly.

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