Is Natrol Biotin Vegan?


Natrol is a very popular supplement manufacturer, particularly known for their biotin products.

On each product, they all state “100% vegetarian.”

But are they vegan?

Right now, I can’t give you an easy answer to that. I’ve reached out to the company asking for further clarification and will update this page if I get a response.

Update (12/18/2018): I received a response from their customer service team that does confirm that Natrol’s biotin is in fact vegan.

natrol biotin vegan email

I still think it’s weird that this isn’t clearly labeled on the package or product pages anywhere, since all the other best vegan biotin supplements make it very clear that they are vegan.

However, it seems like Natrol is an option if you’re interested in using it.

This is great news since other popular biotin supplements like Nature’s Bounty and Pure Naturals biotin are not vegan.

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