Is Photo Paper Vegan?


Many blogs and forum posters claim that photo paper has gelatin in it, and therefore isn’t vegan.

I tried to track down a source for this claim, but the best I could find was the gelatin silver process.

The gelatin silver process is the photographic process used with currently available black-and-white films and printing papers. A suspension of silver salts in gelatin is coated onto a support such as glass, flexible plastic or film, baryta paper, or resin-coated paper. 

This used to be common, but it’s not that common in modern day printing.

Modern paper, from what I could find, is typically lined with polymers (i.e. plastic), which is vegan.

For example, Ilford resin coated paper is vegan-friendly:

Resin Coated Inkjet Papers are the papers most people regard as ‘photographic’ because they’re the type that your typical mini-lab uses. These papers are made using a layer of (usually low grade) wood pulp, over which a layer of plastic is placed, usually polyethylene

So, as far as I can tell, most photo paper is vegan.

A long time ago it wasn’t, but technology has evolved.

It’s hard to know for sure, since ingredients aren’t typically listed alongside photo papers, but you can contact a particular manufacturer if you’re really concerned.

Let me know if you find additional information either way and I’ll update the page.

On a side note, it does seem like film contains gelatin, so vegan photographers should stick to digital.

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