Is Potassium Sorbate Vegan?


potassium sorbate container

The short answer is that yes, potassium sorbate is vegan.

It’s an ingredient you’ll often find in non-vegan foods like cheese, yogurt, and dried meats.

But you’ll also find it in soft drinks, wines, baked goods, and a few other pre-packaged foods.

What is Potassium Sorbate Used For?

Potassium sorbate is a safe, food-grade preservative that slows mold and yeast growth in foods. It’s used in small enough quantities that there’s no worry of adverse health effects.

It’s not a common thing to find in grocery stores, but you can find powdered versions online (if you for some reason wanted some).

How is Potassium Sorbate Made?

It’s made through an industrial lab process where sorbic acid is neutralized with potassium hydroxide.

Both these key ingredients are found in natural, non-animal sources, which is why potassium sorbate as a whole is considered vegan.

As far as I could find, potassium sorbate is not tested on animals, so I think it’s pretty safe to conclude that potassium sorbate is vegan.

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