Is Vaseline Vegan? And is it Tested on Animals?


Vaseline, called petroleum jelly in some cases, comes from petroleum (i.e. oil).

It’s a goopy substance that’s often used as lip balm (although there are better vegan lip balms) and generally for lubrication.

Many people claim that Vaseline is not vegan, but I find their arguments lackluster. I’ll explain why in this post.

Let’s start with what most people who claim Vaseline is not vegan say.

It’s usually one of the following:

  1. Vaseline is owned by Unilever, a giant company who owns brands like Axe and Dove who test on animals.
  2. Vaseline comes from oil products which are not vegan.

From an environmental point of view, I agree that we should limit our oil consumption. But I’ve never seen oil considered not vegan until researching this post. I think the vast majority of vegans drive a car that uses gasoline, are they not vegan?

Instead, the first argument is more interested to look at.

Does Vaseline Test on Animals?

While reading everything on Vaseline that I could find this same argument kept coming up.

I cannot be 100% sure, but I couldn’t find a single claim that Vaseline itself is tested on animals.

Instead, bloggers and community members referred back to Vaseline’s parent company Unilever.

Unilever owns several large companies, many of which do test on animals.

But why would that fact make Vaseline not vegan? You can say that Unilever as a company is not vegan, but that doesn’t mean that each individual product should not be evaluated on its own.

Where I stand on this issue: To me, Vaseline is vegan, although not a product I personally use (I don’t really want to rub oil products on my skin – but that’s just me).

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Dale C.

Your friendly neighborhood vegan from Toronto. Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance writer. Trying to do my small part in making the world better by writing about the wonderful world of veganism.

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