25+ Lab Grown Meat Companies: The Complete List


I’m keeping a close eye on the progress of lab grown meat, so I created this page to serve as a company directory.

Note that most of these are private companies, if you are looking to invest in this industry, see my page on lab grown meat companies to invest in.

I’ll try to keep this page as up to date as possible as new startups gain traction.

Lab Grown Meat Company List

I’ve grouped the cultured meat companies by country, but other than that they are just in alphabetical order.

Here is my complete list of lab grown meat companies:

Balletic Foods

balletic foods logo

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2017

There’s very little information about Balletic Foods’ products and progress towards commercial offerings.

BioCraft Pet Nutrition

because animals products

Formerly: Because Animals

Products: Cat and dog food

Location:  Illinois, United States

Founded in: 2018

BioCraft began by making plant-based cat and dog foods, but is now developing pet foods made from cultured meat as well.

While dogs have no problem with plant-based foods, it’s debatable whether they are appropriate for cats (the general consensus is that they are not). Lab grown pet food would allow owners to feed their pets meat in an ethical way.


Products: Growth medium 

Location: United States

Founded in: 2020

Biftek doesn’t make in vitro meat, instead they make growth mediums to sell to lab-grown meat manufacturers.

In order to cultivate cells, they need to be exposed to growth medium in a bioreactor. There’s a lot of room to improve the current growth mediums (that usually relies on fetal bovine serum).


BioBQ is a Texas-based startup focusing on lab grown beef brisket for BBQ.

They have a working prototype that is made without the use of FBS, and is currently fundraising to scale-up operations.

And while they are mentioned in news stories, they curiously don’t have a website that I could find.


blue nalu lab grown fish

Products: Seafood

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2017

BlueNalu is aiming to be the global leader in cellular aquaculture (i.e. synthetic seafood).

Bond Pet Foods

bond cultivated chicken

Products: Cultivated chicken for pet food

Location: Denver, United States

Founded in: 2015

Similar to Because AnimalsBond Pet Foods has started with plant-based dog food, but has been working on cultivated meat-based pet food for years.

Unfortunately, they always seem to be “1 year away” from selling a commercial product. I remember learning about the company and following them in 2019 when looking at the potential of lab-grown cat food, and it was supposedly supposed to hit the shelves within the next year (which didn’t happen).

Finless Foods

finless foods sushi

Products: Plant-based and cell-cultured seafood

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2017

As the name suggests, Finless Foods is focusing on lab-grown seafood.

They’re starting with tuna, since it’s the most popular fish in most metrics worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of lab-grown meat is the absence of toxins like heavy metals, which large fish like tuna accumulate in the wild.


GOOD Meat chicken

Products: Chicken

Location: California, United States

GOOD Meat is a brand made by Eat Just (who also makes things like plant-based egg products). It seems like the company is ahead of most of its competitors on this list for now.

The company’s cultured chicken was approved for sale in Singapore near the end of 2020, and they are also working with the FDA in the U.S. to build a process for regulatory approval of cultivated meat.


memphis meats lab grown chicken

Products: Chicken

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2015

UPSIDE Foods was originally Memphis Meats, one of the startups that gathered the most attention in recent years.

It’s founded by cardiologist Uma Valeti, and has huge investors including:

  • Cargill and Tyson Foods
  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Branson
  • Kimbal Musk
  • John Mackey

Mission Barns

mission bacon

Products: Bacon, sausage, meatballs

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2018

While Mission Barns has created some lab-grown meats, those are mostly proof of concept of their lab-grown fat technology.

Traditional lab-grown meat so far is essentially pure protein, which results in not the greatest taste or structure. Mission Barns is creating lab-grown animal fat to add to traditional lab-grown meat.

New Age Eats

new age cultivated meats

Products: Sausage

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2018

New Age Meats is starting with making sausages because it’s “easy” compared to other types of meat (essentially shaping some ground meat in a casing), but is planning to expand over time.

Pearlita Foods

Products: Oyster

Location: North Carolina, United States

There’s very little information about Pearlita Foods available right now or their progress, other than that they are focused on making lab grown oysters.

The main reason I included Pearlita on this list is that it is one of the holdings of CULT Food Science.

Wild Earth

Products: Dog food

Location: Boulder, United States

Founded in: 2018

Wild Earth has been pitched on Shark Tank and has Mark Cuban as an investor.

They make plant-based pet food and plan to expand to pet food that’s made with cell based meat.

Wild Type

wild type lab grown salmon

Products: Salmon

Location: California, United States

Founded in: 2016

Wild Type is another company trying to manufacture cell based seafood. It’s focusing on sushi-grade salmon to start with.

Aleph Farms

aleph synthetic steak

Products: Steak

Location: Israel

Founded in: 2017

Aleph Farms is the only startup I’ve come across that’s specifically focusing on making lab-grown (and carbon neutral) steak.

It’s also the company that produced cultivated meat in space in 2019. With the growing interest in space travel, being able to produce meat on demand in space could be huge (although probably decades down the line).

This is one of the cultured meat companies that Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in.

BioFood Systems

Products: General lab-grown meat

Location: Israel

Founded in: 2018

I couldn’t find much information on Bio Food Systems other than it exists.

Future Meat Technologies

future meat chicken

Products: Chicken

Location: Israel

Founded in: 2018

According to the company, “Future Meat Technologies (FMT) is the first cultivated meat company to break the $5 cost barrier”. 

They’re attempting to scale production in order to make products even more affordable.

MeaTech 3D


Products: Beef, poultry

Location: Israel

Founded in: 2017

MeaTech is another one of the most publicized startups in this space, with investors like Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary.

The company is focusing on developing premium cuts of lab-grown meat, rather than ground meats like most others are.

Their Belgium factory will 3D print realistic meats (i.e. both protein and fat).


supermeat burger

Products: Chicken

Location: Israel

Founded in: 2017

SuperMeat is one of the first to establish supply to a restaurant. The restaurant “The Chicken” will serve chicken made by SuperMeat, located in Tel Aviv.


Location: Netherlands

Founded in: 2018

Meatable was one of the first startups to replace bovine serum while being able to improve the speed and cost of their lab-grown meats. They might be the first to make a lab grown meat that vegans might eat.

Mosa Meat

mosa meat burger

Products: Beef (specializing in hamburgers)

Location: Netherlands

Founded in: 2013

Mosa Meats is another one of the cell-based meat companies that DiCaprio has invested in.

It’s best known for making the world’s first cell-based hamburger.

Shiok Meats

shiok meat fish

Products: Seafood

Location: Singapore

Founded in: 2018

Shiok Meats is the largest cultivated seafood company in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Biotech Foods

biotech lab grown meatball

Location: Spain

Founded in: 2017

Biotech Foods has a proven product – Ethicameat – that they are trying to scale up at this point.

Cubiq Foods

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Founded in: 2018

I wasn’t sure if I should include Cubiq Foods or not because the company doesn’t produce meat. Instead, it makes lab-grown omega 3 supplements.

Traditionally, omega 3 supplements are derived from fish (or algae for plant-based supplements).


Products: Poultry

Location: France

GOURMEY is focusing on foie gras and poultry to start with, and then planning on expanding to other types of meat in the future.


Products: Kangaroo

Location: Australia

If you’re looking for lab-grown kangaroo meat, it’s not surprising that an Australian-based company would be the first one to try and manufacture it.

Note that the company has stated that it will expand to chicken and pork in the near future as well.

Avant Meats

avant meats

Products: Fish

Location: Hong Kong

Founded in: 2018

Avant Meats claimed that in 2020 it was able to achieve a 90% cost reduction when it comes to cultivated fish fillet.

It is planning on launching a pilot production plant in 2022 and scaling up from there.

Higher Steaks

higher steaks bacon

Products: Pork

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Founded in: 2018

Higher Steaks is making pork products that are a mixture of cultivated meat and plant-based ingredients.

For now, it’s most well known for its bacon and pork belly prototypes.

Peace of Meat

peace of meat lab grown fat

Products: Lab grown fat

Location: Belgium

Founded in: 2020

There’s very little information on this company, so it remains to be seen if it will be a real competitor to the other businesses on this list.

Mogale Meat

Products: Free roaming livestock and antelope

Location: South Africa

Founded in: 2020

It’s still really early, but Mogale Meat is drawing some attention. The Canadian-based investment platform CULT has invested in the company.

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