The Best Vegan Comfort Food to Eat When Sick


The best food when you’re sick is somewhat bland, but also tastes good.

It’s a tough combination, and even tougher when you’re vegan.

But you still have quite a few options.

I’ve collected a bunch here, in no particular order.


Soup is an amazing food when you’re sick.

It goes down easy, and helps you stay hydrated.

You can easily find vegan soups at most stores. Look for Amy’s soups if you’re having trouble finding a vegan brand (I’m not sure if all of Amy’s are vegan, but most are).

amy's soups

Alternatively, make your own.

Since you’re likely in some pain if you’re reading this, here are some convenient recipes to save you some trouble:

Vegan Pho

Pho isn’t all that different from soup.

It’s probably my favorite thing to eat when sick since becoming vegan.

You can even find a vegan version at many Vietnamese restaurants for takeout if you’re not up to making your own.

Plain Rice Or Crackers

If you’re having trouble keeping food down, there’s not much that’s blander than rice or crackers.

You can combine them with soup if you start to feel better.


Oatmeal isn’t the most common sick food, but it ticks all the boxes.

Add some bananas or other fruit to it, plus cinnamon, and it’s a healthy meal you should be able to keep down.

Here are the best vegan alternatives to honey for sore throats that you may also want to add.

Ramen Noodles

Many brands of ramen noodles contain egg or dairy products.

However, some are vegan if you look hard enough.

For example, Top Ramen has a few potentially vegan flavors.

Chili and Sourdough Bread

Finally, chili is a comforting food that’s super healthy if you think you can stomach it.

Let it soak on some sourdough bread (most sourdough bread is vegan), and there won’t be much chewing needed.

That’s all I have at this point, but if you’d like to share food ideas for sick vegans with others, feel free to leave a comment below.

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