The Best Vegan Probiotic Powders


Probiotics are one of the most effective ways to try and fix stomach issues.

Research has shown that they can improve digestionmental health, and much more.

But since foods like yogurt are off limits for us vegans, there aren’t too many ways to get probiotics in the diet. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and tempeh are options, but don’t fit everyone’s taste preferences.

So that leaves supplements.

Most probiotic supplements aren’t vegan, but there are a few.

However, most are in the form of capsules, which typically aren’t as effective for most. If probiotic capsules aren’t working for you, it’s worth trying probiotic powder.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many vegan probiotic powders on the market, at least not for now.

There are really only 2, the ones I’ve gone over below.

Ora Organic Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder Supplement

ora vegan probiotics

Ora is a very popular probiotic supplement manufacturer (among non-vegans as well).

This particular probiotic powder is highly rated, USDA certified, and completely vegan.

Our probiotics are vegan, major allergen free…

It contains 6 strains of probiotics, with 20 billion organisms per tub.

You can mix it with any liquid, even water is fine since it comes in 2 flavors: Apple raspberry and lavender lemonade.

Ora’s vegan probiotic powder is going to be the best option for most vegans.

Zebora Probiotics Super Nutritional Powder

zebora vegan probiotics

There aren’t many vegan alternatives, but Zebora does make one.

Their powder comes in pouches, which could be a factor if you want to take it to work or on trips.

There are 13 bacteria strains in this powder, with 50 billion organisms in the entire product.

The product seems good, but Zebora isn’t a well-known company. Combining that with some questionable English on their product pages raises a few doubts about the overall quality.

Still, it’s an option that may be worth trying if Ora isn’t an option for some reason.

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