The Plant Era Protein Powder Review [Testing Results]



The Plant Era’s vegan protein powder is the second best organic protein powder that I’ve tested.

  • Pros: Rich flavor. Blend of pea and rice protein powder.
  • Cons: Texture is a bit chalky. Only 2 flavors.

I’ve bought and tested a bit over 30 different vegan protein powders over the last few years.

Most organic plant based protein powders suck, but The Plant Era’s protein powder is one of the exceptions.

I’ll walk you through how it compares to all the other ones I’ve tested in this short review.

About The Plant Era

the plant era protein powder

The Plant Era was founded by Nicholas Orsini with a goal of creating higher quality organic supplements for vegan athletes.

The current product line includes protein powder and a few other supplements like immune support vitamins and omega 3 capsules.

Is The Plant Era a Good Company?

So far, The Plant Era seems to be a good company. I’ve tried a few of their products, which have all been high quality. They also only sell vegan products, which is something I always appreciate. 

How Much Protein Is In The Plant Era Protein Powder?

There’s 21 grams of protein and 120 calories in 1 serving of this product.

That means that 70% of calories come from protein. That’s right about average when you compare it to the other plant-based protein powders I’ve tested – not amazing, but fine.

the plant era nutrition facts protein

Like most pea-based protein powders, there’s quite a bit of iron.

In addition, the added vitamin B12 is nice if you drink protein shakes on a regular basis and don’t always take B12 supplements.


One aspect of this protein powder that I like is its short and simple ingredient list:

Organic Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Natural Flavoring, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Stevia Extract, Vitamin B12.

The pea and brown rice protein blend forms a complete essential amino acid profile.

The rest of the ingredients are all things you should recognize: natural flavoring, xanthan gum to thicken shakes, and stevia for sweetness.


The Plant Era has a fairly typical ingredient list and protein content for a vegan protein powder. However, I’d say the ingredient list is a bit shorter and easier to recognize than most.

Is The Plant Era Expensive Compared to Other Vegan Protein Powders?

Vegan protein powders already cost more than whey protein powder, and organic powders usually cost even more.

So while The Plant Era’s protein powder costs a bit more than average, it’s a reasonable price, and I think it’s worth it for the quality.

To give some context, the average protein powder that I bought cost about $4 per 100 grams, while The Plant Era is closer to $5 per 100 grams (unless there’s a promotion).

Does The Plant Era Taste Good?

Whenever I evaluate taste, I look at 2 aspects individually:

  • How well it mixes
  • How good the flavor is


This protein powder mixes just about perfectly, but there is a bit of a chalky texture.

It’s far from the level that ruins the protein shake (like with some others), but some other vegan protein powders mix better.


The Plant Era’s chocolate protein powder had a unique flavor that I grew to like fairly quickly.

The best way I can describe it is similar to the flavor in an 80% dark chocolate bar. At first, you’ll probably find the chocolate flavor to be a bit strong, but it’s enjoyable once you get used to it (it took me about 3 protein shakes).

My Overall Impression of The Plant Era

I have tried some truly awful organic vegan protein powders in the past. In comparison to most organic alternatives, The Plant Era is very good.

If you think it looks good, I think it’s worth a try. 

And if you read some of my other reviews, I don’t often say that. 

Alternatives to The Plant Era

There are 2 other organic protein powders that you might want to consider if you’re not quite sure about The Plant Era:

  • Future Kind – Not only do I think Future Kind is the best organic vegan protein powder I’ve tried, it’s the best overall vegan protein powder. It also has a short ingredient list of high quality ingredients, but has a higher protein content, mixes better, and tastes better as well in my opinion. Here’s my full Future Kind vegan protein powder review.
  • Orgain – In my opinion, The Plant Era is better than Orgain, but not by a huge amount. It’s another decent organic vegan protein powder that you can consider, especially if you’re looking for different flavor options. Here’s my full Orgain organic vegan protein powder review.

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