Aquaphor Is Not Vegan: The 3 Top Vegan Alternatives


Aquaphor is a popular healing and moisturizing cream, but unfortunately it’s not vegan since it has lanolin in it.

Similarly, many alternatives like eucerin cream also have lanolin in them.

I searched around for a while to find the most popular recommendations for vegan alternatives to aquaphor.

There were 3 that were highly recommended.

ShiKai – Borage Therapy Plant-Based Dry Skin Lotion

borage therapy dry skin lotion

This cream is designed to relieve dry, itchy, or cracked skin.

While ShiKai could be more clear about it, this is a vegan product.

Aside from having “plant-based” in the product name, the back of the bottle also says:

No animal testing or ingredients

It’s the most recommended alternative that I came across, and is very highly rated.

Beauty without Cruelty Hand and Body Lotion

beauty without cruelty lotion

This is the other lotion that came up more than a few times.

One nice thing is that it’s clearly stated that this lotion is vegan and never tested on animals.

It’s also fragrance free, and there are some reviews that point out that the smell isn’t great. However, it’s also not terrible, and you can cover it up with some other scent.

There are a ton of ingredients in this lotion, but the most important ones seem to be shea butter, jojoba, and tamanu.

It’s a good option to help heal and moisturize dry skin.

Coconut Oil

Finally, more than a few vegans recommended just using coconut oil.

It’s a good, natural moisturizer that will work for some.

However, it can also cause acne in quite a few people, so this is something you’d want to test on a small scale first.

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