Vegan Alternatives to Fish Oil (Cod Liver Oil or Krill Oil)


With fish oil off the table, where do you get omega 3 fats as a vegan?

There are really only 2 options.

You can either get them through supplements, or from certain seeds.

1. Vegan Omega 3 Supplements

deva liquid omega 3s

Vegan omega 3 supplements derive omega fats from algae.

That’s where fish get their omega 3 fats in the first place.

I created a comparison page of all the top vegan omega 3 supplements, you can find both capsule and liquid products, just like you could with cod liver oil.

2. Flax or Chia Seeds

Seeds are the only other rich source of omega 3s on a vegan diet.

And while a handful of seeds have omega 3s, two seeds are far better than the rest.

I made a page with the complete list of seeds with omega 3 fats, but here’s why flax and chia are the top 2 by far:

Seed Fat in 100g Omega 3 (g) Omega 6 (g) Omega 3:6 ratio
Flax 42.2 22.81 5.91 3.86
Chia 30.8 17.55 5.79 3.03

They have a lot of omega 3 fats, and an excellent ratio to omega 6 fats.

Considering most vegans have to eat nuts on a regular basis, which are loaded in omega 6s, eating these seeds, or using an omega 3 supplement is all but necessary.

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