5 Vegan Alternatives to Honey For Sore Throats


There’s some evidence behind honey being good for a sore throat.

But, we’ll need to find alternatives since it’s not an option for vegans.

I’ve compiled all the alternatives I could find. Most don’t have any research or evidence backing them up, but they could be worth a try.

Vegan Lozenges

fishermans friends package

If you want something that is sure to be effective, stick to proven medicine.

There are some vegan sore throat lozenges that are commonly available, like Fisherman’s Friends.

Tea (Particularly Green)

There’s a reason that a lot of sick people put honey in tea.

Warm (but not too hot!) tea will soothe your throat, and certain types of green tea have proven medicinal effects.

You can combine the tea with some of the other honey alternatives on this page.

Cinnamon and Ginger

This is a potent combination. Add them to tea or warm water and drink up.

Cinnamon and ginger both have antimicrobial effects, so it could potentially help speed up the healing process.

Date Syrup, Rice Syrup, or Agave

As far as I can find, none of these have any particular potential medical effects.

However, they all have similar taste and texture to honey. Part of why honey may be effective at soothing sore throats is likely psychological (i.e. placebo effect), so these may also help.

Dandelion Syrup (Homemade)

This is a neat type of syrup that I came across.

You can boil dandelions that you pick from a field (obviously not an option during winter) and make a syrup, which could help with a sore throat.

Here’s a quick video of the recipe:

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