The Best Vegan Alternatives to Wool Blankets


I don’t necessarily look like the type, but there are very few things I enjoy more than curling up under a soft blanket.

While you can’t get anything that feels exactly like wool as a vegan, there are still plenty of blanket options that are super cozy.

The best vegan alternatives to wool that you want to look for are:

  • Cotton – Warm, soft, breathable. Cotton is a very versatile material.
  • Bamboo – Very breathable, great for lighter blankets.
  • Synthetic materials- Polyester, microfiber, acrylic, nylon, etc. that are derived from oil (although maybe you want to avoid them for environmental reasons). Great for thick, warm blankets.
  • Linen (comes from the flax plant) – Harder to find, but can be used to make thin, soft blankets.

I’ve spent some time looking for the best vegan blankets, and I’ll share the best ones I found with you. Some are heavier and best for winter weather, while others are lighter and designed for warm weather.

Stone & Beam Transitional Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket 

Type: Cotton

stone and beam traditional blanket

Stone & Beam make a few different high quality cotton blankets.

This one is 100% cotton, and looks similar to a knitted sweater. While I don’t have this one, the glowing reviews suggest that it’s perfect for keeping you cozy in the fall and winter.

Stone & Beam Locklar 100% Cotton Lightweight Pick-Stitched Throw Blanket

Type: Cotton

stone and beam locklar blanket

This is another 100% cotton blanket made by Stone & Bean, but much lighter.

It’s designed to be lightweight and breathable, making it good for warmer weather and outdoors for things like picnics.

Pumpkin Town 100% Cotton Cable Knit Summer Throw Blanket

Type: Cotton

pumpkin town blanket

This is the final cotton blanket on this list, and is also 100% cotton.

It’s a versatile blanket – lightweight, but still pretty warm. I’d say it’s the best choice if you want a blanket for more than one purpose.

Bedsure Super Soft Cozy Microfiber Blanket

Type: Microfiber

bedsure fleece blanket

“Microfiber” is a type of material that is made from synthetic materials. In this case, Bedsure doesn’t specify the actual material, but polyester is a safe bet.

This is a thick, super soft, cozy blanket that is designed for cold weather, although I suppose you could also sit on it while camping or on a picnic as well.

Best of all, it’s inexpensive compared to most other blankets on this list, but still reasonably high quality.

Kingole Flannel Polyester Microfiber Luxury Throw Blanket

Type: Polyester Microfiber

kingole blanket

This microfiber blanket is clearly labelled as polyester.

Just like the one above, it’ll be super soft and warm, but it’s a bit lighter. Still best used in the winter, but a bit more versatile than the Bedsure one above.

Chezmoi Collection Brussels Super Soft Lightweight Linen Reversible Throw Blanket

Type: Linen (Flax)

chezmoi throw blanket

There aren’t too many linen blankets out there, but they do exist, and this is the nicest one I came across.

It’s 100% flax linen, and a great choice if you live in a warm climate.

As you can probably tell from the picture, it’s on the thin side, making it quite breathable. If you haven’t felt 100% linen before, it’s quite soft.

NuvoLe Home 100% Bamboo Fiber Throw Blanket

Type: Bamboo

nuvole bamboo throw

Bamboo is incredibly breathable while being soft and cozy.

It’s my favorite material for things like blankets, hats, and socks, but unfortunately it usually comes with a higher price tag. In this case, it’s not too bad.

This 100% bamboo blanket is perfect for warm weather.

Bamboo Throw Blanket Ultra Soft Natural Premium

Type: Bamboo

bamboo throw

Again, this is a lightweight and breathable blanket.

However, it’s not 100% bamboo. Instead, it’s 70% bamboo and 30% Turkish cotton. 

It’s a bit thicker and warmer than the NuvoLe alternative above. It’s also quite large, so you can fold it over if you want to make it even warmer.

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Dale Cudmore

Your friendly neighborhood vegan from Toronto. Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance nutrition writer. I've been vegan for years and try to make life easier for others by sharing what I've learned.