Vegan Breads at Subway [List]


All subs begin with bread.

While many of Subway’s breads are clearly not vegan, some appear that they might be.

I looked up the ingredients for all the different breads (as of October 2019), and summarized any potential non-vegan ingredients in the table below.

Note that this is for bread in the United States, they might be different elsewhere.

Ingredients in Subway Breads

Most of the breads have similar ingredients.

I’m not going to list out the full lists for all of them, but here’s what 9 grain wheat bread contains as an example:

Whole wheat flour, enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), yeast, sugar, grain and seed blend (wheat, rye, yellow corn, oats, triticale, brown rice, barley, flax seed, millet, sorghum), wheat gluten, contains 2% or less of: salt, soybean oil, malted barley flour, cultured wheat flour, sunflower lecithin, dough conditioners (ascorbic acid, enzymes).

I’ve highlighted the 2 common ingredients that I saw that might be vegan:

Which Subway Breads Are Vegan?

Here’s a summary table of all the bread types at the moment.

Note that if a bread has an obvious non-vegan ingredient (e.g. milk), I simply listed that and didn’t list any of the “questionable” ingredients.

BreadPotential Non-Vegan Ingredients
9 Grain WheatSugar, enzymes
Italian bread (and Hearty Italian bread)Sugar, enzymes
SourdoughSugar, enzymes
Spinach wrapSugar, enzymes
Roasted garlic breadSugar, enzymes, natural flavors
Tomato basil wrapSugar, enzymes, palm oil
Italian herbs and cheeseCheese
Monterey cheddarCheese
Parmesan/Oregano breadCheese
Gluten-free breadEgg whites

There’s a pretty decent chance that those first 4 are all vegan.

If you’d really like to make sure, contact Subway’s customer service and try to get clarification.

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