8 Vegan Candy Bars Without Palm Oil


The options for vegans keep on growing.

But what frustrates me, is that many protein and candy bars that are “vegan,” also contain palm oil.

For example, Go Max Go makes many bars that are close to bars like Twix or Snickers, but all their bars have palm oil.

That’s what prompted me to go digging and find as many vegan candy bars without palm products in them.

I was able to find 8 to start with, but I’ll update this page if and when I find new ones.

Nelly’s Organic (Vegan) Plant-Based Bars

nelly's organics vegan bars

Nelly’s plant-based bars are all vegan.

They are also organic, raw, gluten-free, and non-gmo, so they fit just about anyone’s diet.

There are 7 flavors to choose from. I’d recommend the peanut butter or chocolate flavors as “safe” flavors that most people will like if you end up buying a box.

Amy’s Dreamy Candy Bar

amy's candy bar

Yes, that “Amy’s”.

Amy’s makes everything from frozen meals, to soups, to pizzas, and candy bars. Not all of them are vegan of course, but many are.

The “Dreamy” candy bar is essentially a vegan milky way. It has a creamy chocolate nougat inside, and an organic dark chocolate outer layer.

Amy’s also makes one other vegan candy bar that is chocolate and coconut flavor. Neither flavor has palm oil in it as of now.

Square Organics

square organics bar wrapper

This is actually a protein bar.

A while ago, I did a massive taste test to find the best vegan protein bars.

While the main purpose of those bars is the protein, some of them also tasted like candy bars. So even though Square Organics bars aren’t technically candy bars, they could fool me.

I rated these as 10 out of 10 when it comes to taste.

Simply Protein Bars

simply vegan protein bar wrapper

This is another vegan protein bar that also tastes a lot like a candy bar.

Simply Protein bars are a lot like rice krispies, and come in many flavors.

Not only are they relatively cheap, but they taste great. I scored them 9 out of 10 for taste when I did my testing.

The GFB Gluten Free bar

gluten free bar protein bar wrapper

This is the final “protein” bar that I felt deserved to make this list as well. It also scored 9 out of 10 for taste.

You can find this bar in stores like Whole Foods, although it is fairly expensive.

Made Good Bars

made good bar

Made Good bars are very easy to find, you can even get them in bulk at Costco. These are technically “granola” bars, but all have some sugar and taste good – I’d classify them as candy.

There are multiple flavors to pick from, they are all certified vegan and don’t have palm oil:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Mixed Berry
  • Strawberry Granola
  • Sweet & Salty Granola

Key-To Life Chocolate Maple Hazelnut Bar

key to life vegan keto candy bar

Having a keto diet while vegan is difficult; This is probably the only vegan candy bar without palm oil if you’re following a keto diet.

There are 3 flavors to choose from: Maple Hazelnut, red velvet, and tropical mango.

I’m pretty confident that these are all vegan.

They do have natural flavors in them which aren’t always vegan, but considering they’re sold on an online Canadian vegan store, I think it’s safe to assume they were vetted.

Suspro Apple Pie Cinnamon Snack Bar 

suspro vegan snack bar

Finally, Suspro makes a few different snack bars (dark chocolate, mint) that also don’t have palm oil.

They are allergen friendly, with a crunchy texture.

They do seem pretty hard to find unfortunately if you’re outside Canada. Hopefully they will expand in the future.

If you do happen to find any other vegan candy bars without palm oil, I’d appreciate it if you could share what you found below in a comment.

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