Vegan Challenges: Problems You May Face


For most people, going vegan is a big change, especially if you do it cold turkey.

You’re going to run into challenges of some kind, whether related to your physical or mental health.

Unless you figure out how to deal with these problems and overcome them, you may feel like you can’t be vegan anymore.

And that would be a shame, so hopefully I can point you in the right direction here.

Possible Vegan Health Problems

If you’re just interested in a general look at how a vegan diet could negatively affect your health, see my review of common vegan health concerns. At the very least, most vegans experience some sort of stomach problems.

Below I’ve listed several specific health problems that aren’t too common, and links to guides that will give you more detail:

Finally, while it doesn’t really fit above, some are concerned about feeding children a vegan diet, as a lack of nutrition can stunt growth.

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