Vegan Halloween Candy: What Bars and Treats Can You Give Out?


This will be the first year that I “have” to give out Halloween candy.

I looked for a comprehensive list of vegan Halloween candy, but couldn’t find it.

So I made my own.

I’ll start with the candy that definitely is vegan, but I’ve also gone over candy that might not be, or definitely isn’t.

Halloween Candy That IS Vegan

Every candy in the list below in this section is clearly vegan.

Either it’s certified, or it states it on the product’s packaging, or on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Smarties (UK version) – Also known as “Rockets” in Canada, the manufacturer’s website clearly states that they are vegan-friendly.
  • No Whey’s Spook Free Chocolates No Whey sells a variety of chocolate candy in small packs. The candies inside are all individually wrapped.
  • Surfs Sweets Candy – While not all their products are vegan, they make quite a few vegan candies, ranging from gummy bears to lollipops. You can see a full list of their vegan products here, and there’s a decent chance you can find these in large grocery stores.
  • Enjoy Life Ricemilk Chocolate Bars – If you want to give out bars, this is your best bet. You can find them in stores like Whole Foods. 
  • Pandora’s Pops – There are a few Pandora’s Pops stores across the U.S. All of their lollipops and other treats are vegan, although maybe too expensive for Halloween candy if you get a lot of kids trick-or-treating. 

Unfortunately, it’s a rather short list compared to the others on this page. If you come across any others, please share them in the comments at the bottom of this page and I’ll add them to the list.

If you’re willing to go a little out of the box, many Clif Bars are vegan. You can find them in bulk at a lot of stores, so they might be a cheaper option for you than the ones above.

Halloween Candy That MIGHT Be Vegan

The candy here is in a grey area.

Depending on how strict of a vegan you are, and your personal opinion on a few controversial ingredients, you may or may not consider the products below to be vegan.

Most of them contain one of the following:

  • Sugar – In North America, a decent portion of candy is made using bone char, making it not vegan. You can read a more detailed explanation here. This isn’t an issue in Europe and most other parts of the world, but if the candy is made in the U.S., it still might be.
  • Palm oil – Palm oil itself it just from a plant, but the palm industry is full of unethical practices, which has led to animals like the Sumatran tiger becoming endangered. Here’s a detailed look at if vegans should eat palm oil.
  • Artificial colors – Like palm oil, there are no animal ingredients in artificial colors. However, common colors like Red 40 and Blue 1 are often tested on animals. Here’s a detailed look at if artificial colors should be considered vegan
  • Molasses –Molasses is usually vegan. However, since it’s made from sugar, it can be made from sugar filtered from bone char.
  • Glycerin/Glycerol – Since it can come from either plant or animal sources, glycerin may or may not be vegan if you see it on an ingredients list.

Here’s the list of candy that might be vegan:

Candy Potential Non-Vegan Ingredients
Airheads Sugar, palm oil, artificial colors
Nerds Sugar, artificial colors
Red Vines Molasses, artificial colors
Skittles Sugar, palm oil, artificial colors
Sour Patch Kids Sugar, artificial colors
Swedish Fish Sugar, artificial colors. Note that in some countries, they also have beeswax and are definitely not vegan.
Twizzlers Sugar, palm oil, glycerin

These Halloween Candies are NOT Vegan

Finally, I also wanted to go over popular Halloween candy that definitely is not vegan, just so you know to avoid them for sure.

These products have non-vegan ingredients like:

Now onto the list:

Candy Non-Vegan Ingredient(s)
Bounty Candy Bars Milk chocolate
Chips Ahoy Milk
Gobstoppers Carmine
Haribo Gummy Bears Beeswax
Junior Mints Confectioner’s glaze
Laffy Taffy Egg
Lemonheads Shellac
Snickers Milk products, eggs
Starburst Gelatin
Tootsie Rolls Milk, whey
Twix Milk chocolate

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