The 5 Best Vegan Laptop Messenger Bags


Unlike other types of bags and accessories, there are quite a few vegan messenger bags to choose from, suitable for work or school.

Most of them are made from faux leather (i.e. PU leather), and are clearly labeled “vegan-friendly” (so you don’t need to second guess yourself about things like glues and stitches).

Best of all, some of these bags are not only high quality, but also affordable.

I was able to find a few dozen vegan messenger bags online, and narrowed them down to the BEST 5, based on ratings, price, and appearance.

If you’re interested in what I found, read on.

Sweetbriar Classic Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag

sweetbriar messenger laptop bag

This one comes in 2 sizes:

  • Large – For laptops up to 15.6”
  • Medium – For laptops 13.3” or less

It has a few different compartments, and the one designed for your laptop is padded to protect it.

You’ll also be able to fit a few large binders or books as well without any trouble.

The material is 100% cotton canvas, with vegan leather accents, and a few metal clips.

Dasein Vintage Canvas Messenger Crossbody Shoulder Bag

dasein messenger bag

The Dasein messenger bag has a fairly large amount of storage space.

It can easily fit a 15” laptop, along with your charger and multiple books or other things.

The bag is made with high density vegan canvas fabric, with vegan leather buckles, and only weighs 1.12 lbs. It’s anti-scratchable to make it more durable.

Corkor Messenger Laptop Bag for Men

corker messenger bag

Corkor makes a few different vegan bags.

They are unique in that they are primarily made with cork fabric. This is fabric that’s made from the cork oak tree, which has a soft texture that feels very similar to leather.

This bag features a 15.6” padded compartment for laptops, plus 10” and 6” pockets, and a few smaller pockets and loops.

The bag is water resistant, and designed to be durable. It weighs just under 2 pounds.

As a whole, Corkor makes it clear that their bag is 100% leather-free, made with no animal products or animal testing.

Corkor Cork Vertical Messenger Bag for Men 

corker vertical messenger bag

This is Corkor’s other top rated messenger bag that has a unique style.

Instead of the standard briefcase-style that most others feature, this one is a vertical rectangle.

It’s only 13.8” long though, so it will only fit small laptops.

Like the other Corkor bag, it’s 100% vegan and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Glitzall Waterproof Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag 

glitzall messenger bag

Finally, Glitzall has a nice waterproof bag.

It fits laptops up to 14 inches, and has an adjustable shoulder strap like all the other bags here.

Waterproof 14-inch Laptop Briefcase Satchel for Men

2 Interior compartment pocket which can store your 14″ table pc or A4 files

There are multiple small pockets on top of the main padded laptop compartment.

The bag is mostly made from vegan leather, with a nylon interior (yes, nylon is vegan), and metal accents.

The bag comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


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