The BEST Vegan Protein Powder Ice Cream (4 Ingredients)


vegan protein powder ice cream

This simple vegan pea protein recipe takes about 5 minutes to make and produces great tasting vegan ice cream that’s packed with protein.

There’s 22 grams of protein and 364 calories in a serving of this recipe.

But it does take a bit of planning ahead of time, so don’t wait until the last minute to make it.

Keys to Great Vegan Protein Ice Cream

While it’s a simple recipe, it’s still possible to end up with a mediocre end result.

To get the best ice cream possible, make sure to:

  • Pick a good tasting vegan protein powder – Your ice cream will taste a lot like your protein powder, so if you pick a gross one, you’ll get gross ice cream. See my list of the best tasting vegan protein powders if you need help finding one.
  • Use a blender – While you can get away with hand mixing this recipe, a blender makes a significant difference in the texture. If you hand mix it, you’ll likely taste the small protein powder granules, which isn’t particularly pleasant.
  • Chill your coconut milk – If your ice cream isn’t sufficiently cold after you mix it and before you start freezing it, the watery part of coconut milk can start to separate and affect the final texture. I like to chill my coconut milk for at least a few hours, if not a full day in advance.

Which Sweetener is Best in Vegan Ice Cream

You’ll already get some sweetness from your vegan protein powder. Most products are sweetened with Stevia.

You can choose to add more Stevia or a sugar alcohol like erythritol if you’re looking to minimize carbohydrates, but I realize that some people don’t love the taste of them.

In most cases, sugar will end up tasting the best. There’s not too much sweetener in this, so it doesn’t totally ruin the macros if you use sugar.

How To Make Vegan Protein Ice Cream

As I said, chill your coconut milk ahead of time if possible.

Get out your ingredients and start by blending the coconut milk to even out the consistency. You should add your full can of coconut milk (both the thick part and watery part).

vegan protein ice cream ingredients

Next, add in your protein powder and blend until completely smooth.

Finally, add in the sweetener and mashed banana and once again process the mixture until smooth.

Transfer this to any freezer safe container and freeze it for at least 3 hours. At that point it should be frozen depending on the temperature of your freezer.

When you’re ready to eat it, it’s usually best to let it thaw for about 10 minutes before scooping.

Vegan Protein Powder Ice Cream Recipe

vegan protein powder ice cream

The BEST Vegan Protein Powder Ice Cream Recipe

A simple 4 ingredient vegan ice cream recipe with 22 grams of protein per serving. Note that taste and macros can vary significantly depending on the protein powder you use
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Servings 2
Calories 364 kcal


  • 1 can full fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup vegan protein powder
  • 1 small-medium mashed banana
  • 1 tbsp sweetener*


  • Add chilled coconut milk to blender and blend for 5 seconds or until smooth.
  • Add protein powder to blender and blend until smooth.
  • Add remaining ingredients and mix until completely smooth. It’s better to overmix than undermix here.
  • Put the ice cream into a freezer-safe container and then freeze until completely solid. This usually takes 3-6 hours depending on the container and freezer temperature.


The sweetness of Stevia powder can vary widely. If you’re not sure how much to add for your particular product, start with a tsp and progressively add more if needed.
Per serving: 365 calories, 25 grams fat, 16 grams carbohydrate (7g fiber, 6g sugar), 22 grams protein

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