Vegan Shoe Brands in 2020 (Filter and Sort 60+ Brands)


There are quite a few vegan shoe brands and stores these days. 

It’s actually hard to find what you’re looking for if you’re just going through a list of vegan brands. That’s why I made the list on this page of vegan brands that you can sort or search.

I’ve stuck to brands that are clearly vegan. That means no Nike or Adidas, even though most of their non-leather shoes have no animal products (ignoring the potential sweatshop issues).

On the table, I’ve divided the types of shoes into 4 main types:

  • Affordable – If they have at least a few options under $100
  • Luxury – More expensive brands
  • Casual – Brands that sell casual shoes like sneakers and sandals
  • Formal – Brands that make shoes made for offices and formal events

You can use the search bar to only show brands that match one of those options.

CompanyTypes of shoesMenWomenDescription
AhimsaLuxury, Affordable, Casual, FormalYesYesAhimsa makes a wide variety of vegan shoes for men and women at relatively affordable prices.
AhinsaLuxury, CasualYesYesAhinsa makes a wide variety of vegan casual footwear, from sneakers, to boots, to slip-ons.
avesuLuxury, Affordable, Casual, FormalYesYesA European-based online vegan store with shoes, sneakers, boots, and more for men, women, and children. They also sell other vegan brands, including some on this page.
BAHATIKALuxury, Casual, AffordableNoYesBAHATIKA sells mostly casual vegan shoes for women like sneakers and flats, but there are a couple more formal shoes as well. Prices aren't cheap, but not too expensive either.
BANGS ShoesCasual, AffordableYesYesBANGS makes a line of casual vegan shoes (low and high top sneakers). They're pretty minimalistic and plain, so I'd consider them unisex.
BC FootwearAffordable, Casual, FormalNoYesBC has a wide variety of footwear for women, including boots, heels, flats, and more.
Bella StoriaLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesBella Storia mainly makes formal shoes for men and women. The shoes are made in Italy, and they even have a recycled line of casual shoes.
Beyond SkinLuxury, Casual, FormalNoYesBeyond Skin sells luxury designer vegan shoes, based in the U.K. They have a wide selection, selling everything from flats, to heels, to wedding shoes.
BhavaLuxury, Casual, FormalNoYesBhava makes a variety of vegan, cruelty-free luxury footwear for women. This includes sandals, flats, winter boots, heels, and more.
BIANKINAAffordable, CasualNoYesBIANKINA makes really nice simple vegan canvas shoes for women at a good price point.
BlanlacLuxury, FormalYesYesBlanlac makes a small selection of vegan leather formal footwear for men and women.
Bourgeois BohemeLuxury, FormalYesYesBourgeois Boheme was founded by a vegan podiatrist. Because it’s a small, independent company, supply and selection is limited.
Brave GentlemenLuxury, FormalYesNoBrave Gentlemen is one of the few vegan shoe stores to focus on men's shoes. You'll find a selection of high-end, formal footwear like shoes and boots for men.
By BLANCHAffordable, Casual, FormalNoYesBy BLANCH is based in Europe and makes both casual and formal vegan shoes for women. They are relatively affordable and often go on sale.
CordaAffordable, CasualYesYesCorda sells vegan sandals (and only sandals). They are made sustainably in Ethiopia.
Cult of CoquetteLuxury, Casual, FormalNoYesCult of Coquette sells very unique vegan shoes (e.g. vegan leopard print heels), so if you're looking to stand out, give it a look.
Cynthia King Vegan Ballet SlippersAffordable, CasualNoYesIf you're looking for vegan ballet slippers, this is the brand for you.
DIVADI ShoesAffordable, CasualNoYesDIVADI sells a decent selection of affordable casual vegan shoes (mainly slip-ons).
Eco Vegan ShoesLuxury, Affordable, Casual, FormalYesYesAll Eco Vegan Shoes are certified vegan. They sell a wide range of shoe types for both men and women, from sneakers, to hiking boots, to work boots.
Ethical WaresLuxury, FormalYesYesEthical Wares has a huge selection of vegan shoes for men and women, including less common products like work boots. You'll find some affordable casual options, but mostly more expensive formal footwear.
EthleticAffordable,CasualYesYesEthletic makes environmentally friendly, vegan sneakers for reasonable prices, and sells them around the world.
FairLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesFair shoes are PETA approved. They make mostly formal footwear for both men and women.
FreerangersLuxury, CasualYesYesFreerangers is a UK-based vegan footwear brand. They make shoes for both men and women, mostly focusing on casual shoes.
FriendshipLuxury, FormalYesYesFriendship shoes are mainly formal, and made of premium vegan Italian leather. In other words, they're not cheap, but they are high quality.
FUGUAffordable, CasualYesYesFUGU is a vegan-friendly brand of Japanese-inspired boots and shoes.
Golden PoniesAffordable, CasualNoYesGolden Ponies makes a variety of affordable vegan shoes (some with vegan leather) for women. Manufacturing is based in Mexico.
Good Guys Don’t Wear LeatherLuxury, CasualYesYesGood Guys Don’t Wear Leather is a 100% vegan company based in France. They make a variety of simple looking footwear that seems unisex for the most part.
GUNASLuxury, FormalNoYesGUNAs is known for their vegan leather bags, but they also have a small selection of luxury formal shoes for women.
Holster FashionAffordable, CasualNoYesHolster Fasion is an online Australian shoe store that makes ladies and kids vegan shoes. The shoes are relatively afforadable, and there are frequently sales.
HoovesAffordable, FormalYesYesBased in the EU, Hooves makes affordable vegan leather boots for men and women. They have a simple, but fairly stylish look.
IndosoleAffordable, CasualYesYesIndosole wants to be the most environmentally friendly shoe company. They use recycled materials in most of their afforadable, casual shoes.
KailiaLuxury, FormalNoYesKailia makes eco-friendly, luxury vegan footwear for women. They focus mainly on small collections of heels.
Kat MendenhallLuxury, CasualNoYesWhile Kat Mendenhall sells other clothing, it's best known for Texas style cowboy boots.
Keep CompanyAffordable, CasualYesYesThe Keep Company sells a variety of sneakers for men and women. All Keep Company products are vegan.
Loyal FootwearLuxury, CasualNoYesLoyal Footwear makes all their shoes in the United States. They sell a small selection of expensive, but casual shoes (mainly flats) for women.
Malibu SandalsLuxury, CasualYesYesMalibu Sandals is best known for their vegan version of huaraches, a popular style of sandal, for both men and women. They also sell a few other casual shoes and boots.
Matt & NatLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesMatt & Nat is better known for its vegan leather purses made with recycled materials, but also sells cruelty-free shoes. Most of their selection is for women, but they have a few men's shoes as well.
Mink ShoesLuxury, FormalNoYesA small variety of uniquely designed, vegan formal shoes for women.
MohopLuxury, CasualNoYesMohop shoes are all vegan and made in the USA. They sell a unique style of high heels and clogs.
MooShoesLuxury, Affordable, Casual, FormalYesYesMooShoes sells a wide variety of vegan footwear and other clothes from multiple brands (their house brand is Novacas). You'll find sandals, boots, sneakers, heels, and more. Most are luxury shoes with a high price tag, but there are some affordable options as well.
NAE Vegan ShoesLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesNAE is a Portugese vegan footwear brand that uses materials like cork and vegan leather. They sell a wide variety of shoes, boots, heels, and more for men and women.
Native ShoesAffordable, CasualYesYesNative Shoes sells a wide variety of affordable, animal-free footwear for men, women, and children.
NOHARMLuxury, FormalYesNoNOHARM mostly makes clothing, but also sells a few high quality pairs of formal men's boots and shoes.
Nomadic State of MindAffordable, CasualYesYesNomadic State of Mind sells handmade rope sandals that are eco-friendly and vegan, while being fairly affordable.
OkabashiAffordable, CasualYesYesOkabashi sells very affordable vegan, sustainable sandals made in the U.S. Their material is mainly made of soy and recycled materials.
OlsenhausAffordable, Luxury, Casual, FormalNoYesOlsenhaus makes a mixture of affordable casual and luxury formal vegan shoes for women. You can find most of their products on Amazon.
PAWJ CaliforniaLuxury, CasualNoYesPAWJ California makes vegan boots for women in popular styles (think along the lines of UGGs).
RAFALuxury, CasualYesYesRAFA sells shoes, heels, and boots made by women in the Los Angeles area. They are all vegan, but quite expensive.
RunggLuxury, Casual, FormalNoYesRungg makes vegan leather shoes. All of them have a very unique design, so you'll either love or hate them.
Stella McCartneyLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesWhile Stella McCartney shoes aren't certified, Stella is a vegetarian herself, and doesn't use fur or leather in any products. There are now over 50 Stella McCartney stores, mainly in Europe.
SUSI StudioLuxury, FormalNoYesSUSI Studio is based in L.A., and makes a line of modern vegan shoes for women, which are mainly formal.
Sydney BrownLuxury, FormalYesYesSydney Brown focuses on using sustainable materials like corn and cotton to make luxury shoes for both men and women.
Tastemaker SupplyLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesTastemaker Supply focuses on cushioned, formal vegan footwear for both men and women.
Taylor + ThomasLuxury, FormalNoYesA small, sustainable luxury footwear shoe brand for women. All shoes are made in the United States
The People’s MovementAffordable, CasualYesYesThe People’s Movement makes eco-friendly vegan shoes made from up-cycled plastic bags and other sustainable materials. For now, they sell a small line of affordable sneakers.
TwoobsAffordable, Luxury, CasualNoYesTwoobs is based in Australia, but sells globally. They mainly make vegan sneakers and slippers for women.
Unstitched UtilitiesAffordable, CasualYesYesUnstitched Utilities makes very affordable vegan shoes that are made in China.
VEERAHLuxury, FormalNoYesVEERAH makes luxury vegan heels for modern women. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.
Vegetarian ShoesLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesDon't let the name confuse you, all Vegetarian Shoes products are in fact vegan. They sell a large variety of vegan shoes and boots for both men and women.
Vivo BarefootLuxury, CasualYesYesVivo Barefoot makes a line of minimalistic vegan athletic shoes that look great, but they aren't cheap. (Note that not all their shoe lines are vegan)
Will’s Vegan ShoesLuxury, Casual, FormalYesYesWill’s Vegan Store makes a huge variety of vegan footwear. You'll find boots and sneakers, but also more specialty products like hiking and work boots.
XeroAffordable, CasualYesYesXero makes vegan minimalistic running and hiking shoes and boots. They're not too pretty, but fairly sturdy and affordable.
ZAQQ ShoesLuxury, FormalYesNoZAQQ is a Dutch company that makes vegan formal footwear for men that's also minimalistic.
Zouri ShoesLuxury, CasualYesYesZouri Shoes makes unisex vegan shoes out of plastic retrieved from the ocean, so they're about as environmentally friendly as you'll find. They mainly sell sneakers and sandals.

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