The Best Vegan Substitute for Half and Half


If you’re looking for a high quality vegan half and half substitute, the best option is to buy one from a grocery store.

I’m aware that this isn’t always an option, as not all grocery stores have non-dairy half and half, however many are starting to carry it.

Even Walmart carries some, like Califia Farms’ “Better Half” products, which are direct substitutes for half and half.

califia farms half and half

They’re typically made with coconut cream mixed with almond milk.

If you can’t find one in stores, you can make your own with a bit of effort.

How To Make Vegan Half and Half

vegan half and half basic recipe

Half and half is literally just half cream and half milk (by volume, not weight).

So to make your own, combine:

The milk part is really easy, you can find non-dairy milk at just about any grocery store these days.

The heavy cream is a bit more complicated.

While there are a few heavy cream alternatives that you can buy in stores, they’re not exactly super common.

Of the other vegan heavy cream substitutes, the best ones for making half and half are:

  • Coconut cream
  • Cashew cream
  • Soy cream made from tofu

Coconut cream will work the best, but not everyone enjoys the taste of coconut.

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