The 6 Best Vegan Winter Boots for Men


As I was looking for winter boots myself recently, it seems that most of the focus is on winter boots for women.

So, I compiled the results of my search here to help out any other vegan men in search of warm winter footwear.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a budget option, or one you can check out in stores, Call It Spring is a good store and brand for you.

Update: When I first wrote this years ago, I went with a pair of boots from Call It Spring. Since then, I had to get new boots and Lem’s are my favorite by far.

1. Lem’s

Lem’s makes really high quality footwear that will last for (I expect) many years.

Note that only some of their products are vegan, they have a section for vegan products on their website.

I went with the Men’s Boulder Boot Vegan, and so far they’ve held up for a year through our Canadian winter with absolutely no problem. There’s no damage that I can see (recent picture below):


I like that these don’t have the sprayed on vegan “leather”. Instead it’s just a tough fabric that seems durable.

They’re quite comfy and warm, and mostly water resistant. I still recommend spraying a waterproof layer once or twice a season.

2. Call It Spring

Call It Spring only sells vegan and cruelty-free footwear. It’s a fairly popular store that you can find in most malls (can also order online).

They have a whole line of men’s boots, you can filter for winter boots on their website.

call it spring mens winter boots

Overall, they’re a good price and look good.

Some aren’t waterproof, but they sell a cheap spray that you can spray on the outside to make them essentially waterproof (that’s what I did, it’s worked well so far).

Again, I bought a pair from Call It Spring, it’s only been a month or two, but I have no issues with the comfort or quality so far.

Update (About 6 months later): My boots saw heavy use over the Canadian winter, walking through a lot of snow and some mud. The waterproof spray worked great and the boots were warm, but the outer coating has started to peel a bit (see picture below). Not a huge deal, but keep in mind if durability is a big factor for you. Also note that I didn’t keep them well cleaned in any way, so maybe it was caused by something like road salt.

call it spring shoes update

Final update: They lasted about 3 years before more or less falling apart. This isn’t terrible for a budget option, but not amazing either.

3. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat Boot

martens vegan combat boot

Dr. Martens has vegan versions of their most popular boots.

The 1460 combat boot is arguably their most well-known boot overall. This vegan version is made of 100% synthetic materials and is one of the most popular vegan combat boots you can buy.

It was one I was strongly considering, but the mixed reviews gave me some pause (most love the boots, but a few have pictures where they broke fairly fast).

4. Will’s Vegan Dock Boots

Wills men's vegan winter boots

I’m not a huge fan of Will’s website (bit hard to navigate), but they have a very good reputation for high quality vegan boots.

I was likely going to order a pair if I couldn’t find one at Call It Spring that I liked.

They have a few different vegan winter boots for men. The one pictured above is the one I liked best of their options. It comes in different colors, but each color has its own product page so you’ll have to search around.

The boots are all made in Portugal, are vegan, and even come in eco friendly packaging.

Will’s also offers free returns and exchanges for most countries.

Note that these particular boots are suede, so you might want to pick up a waterproof spray if you think they’ll get wet.

5. Vegetarian Shoes Boots

vegetarian shoes mens winter boots

Vegetarian Shoes is a brand that has quite a good reputation. Most of their boots are vegan/vegetarian friendly.

I’ve linked to the Avesu store, where you can buy multiple Vegetarian Shoes winter boots from.

6. Etna Black Avesu Edition

etna black NAE boot

Finally, this is a popular vegan boot that Avesu sells, it’s a vegan “replica” of NAE’s popular Etna boot.

The upper is microfibre and the outsole is rubber.

It’s also lined with faux fur making the boot especially warm.

There are other vegan winter boots for men out there, but these 5 were the best, and the ones I was seriously considering when looking for myself.


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