Whey Protein Amino Acid Profile


Although not vegan, I noticed it was a bit of pain to find a simple amino acid profile when researching similar for plant proteins. So I put together this page, plus it’s nice to compare whey to other protein sources.

The graph below was generated using our amino acid profile comparison tool, it shows a typical amino acid profile for whey. Essential amino acids have a little asterisk next to their names.

whey protein amino acid profile

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In case you prefer table form, here is the same data again:

  % of total amino acids
Alanine 5
Arginine 2.1
Aspartic Acid 11
Cystine 2.2
Glutamic Acid 18.1
Glycine 1.4
Histidine* 1.7
Isoleucine* 6.4
Leucine* 10.6
Lysine* 9.6
Methionine* 2.2
Phenylalanine* 3
Proline 5.5
Serine 4.6
Threonine* 6.7
Tryptophan* 1.4
Tyrosine 2.6
Valine* 5.9

Whey is essentially the gold standard when it comes to animal proteins, and proteins in general. It contains solid quantities of all the amino acids.

Note that it’s more balanced overall than the amino acid profile of milk, with relatively higher levels of cystine and tryptophan.

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