Why is Vegan Food So Expensive?


When you first go vegan, it’s pretty common for your grocery costs to go up.

Most people start by substituting any meats and animal products they ate with a vegan replica.

For example, buying Beyond Burgers instead of beef, or buying vegan scrambled eggs instead of real eggs.

These vegan replacements are much more expensive, and there are 2 main reasons why.

Why Vegan Speciality Food is More Expensive Than Its Counterpart

The first reason is that in most parts of the world, animal products are heavily subsidized.

That allows manufacturers to sell them for less; vegan manufacturers don’t get the same benefits.

The other reason is because of supply and demand.

For most vegan specialty products, demand is limited

There just aren’t that many vegans in the first place, and a smaller percentage that want to buy a particular product. Companies can’t take full advantage of economies of sales to bring down the price.

Even when demand is overwhelming, like in the case of Beyond Burgers, it takes time to scale up.

beyond burger packaging

It’s taken years for Beyond Burger to have the manufacturing capabilities to keep up with demand and supply grocery stores and restaurants. Now that they’ve upgraded their production facilities, prices are beginning to drop.

A Vegan Diet Can Be Cheaper Than an Omnivorous One

With all that being said, once you’re used to being vegan, you really don’t need to buy any of that specialty food.

My vegan diet now is way cheaper than my omnivorous diet was.

A healthy vegan diet is cheap. For example, some things you can do to save money are:

  • Buy beans in bulk and cook them yourself
  • Buy oats in bulk (way cheaper than any cereal)
  • Make your own oat or almond milk
  • Make your own hummus instead of buying pre-made

Doesn’t that sound a bit boring?

It does at first, but if you actually take an interest in cooking, you’ll find that vegan meals made with these staples taste better than what you were formerly used to.

Start looking through recipe blogs like Oh She Glows and Minimalist Baker to find fun things to make.

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