Hi, my name’s Dale, born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area.

I went vegan in July of 2017 at the age of 26, and like many others, had no idea what I was going to eat to survive.

Approximately 133423 Google searches later, I started to feel more comfortable with my new dietary choices.

That transition wasn’t easy, mainly because most of those searches were unsuccessful. Either there just wasn’t an answer to a question I had, or it wasn’t clear and just left me more confused and overwhelmed.

Later I became aware that many people stop being vegan simply because the change is too hard.

Enter VegFAQs, my attempt to make it easier to go vegan.

I started writing clear answers to the questions I had personally, and then started researching and writing the answers to questions that others had. I’ll keep going until either everyone’s a happy vegan, or I run out of questions to answer, we’ll see which one happens first.