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Is Free-Range Chicken Really Free-Range? Here Are the Facts…

Long before I went vegan, I started trying to buy more “humanely” raised animal products (e.g., eggs, chicken, beef, etc.). If animals were going to be killed for food, I wanted them to at least have “good” lives before that happened. But it’s harder to find food from animals raised in this way than you […]

Are Frosted Flakes Vegan? (Maybe, It Depends on You…)

They’re gr-r-reat! But they may not be vegan. I say “may” because Frosted Flakes has a few ingredients that strict vegans avoid, but some vegans are okay with. I’ll lay out the arguments for and against them, and you’ll have to decide for yourself. Frosted Flake Ingredients Here’s what you’ll find in Frosted Flakes: Milled […]

Are Lucky Charms Vegan?

I’ve got some bad news for you. Lucky Charms are NOT vegan. A quick look at the ingredient list reveals why: Whole Grain Oats, Sugar, Oat Flour, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Corn Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Gelatin, Trisodium Phosphate, Yellows 5 & 6, Red 40, Blue 1 and Other Color Added, Natural and Artificial Flavor. […]

Is Special K Cereal Vegan? (It Depends on How Strict You Are)

Certain flavors of Special K cereal are clearly not vegan. But, some flavors might be, depending on how you feel about a few controversial ingredients. I’ll break down those ingredients quickly, and then go through each flavor so that you’ll be able to decide if you’re okay with eating any of them. Potential Non-Vegan Ingredients in Special […]

Are KIND Granola Bars and Products Vegan? (Complete List)

KIND bars are super popular these days, you can find them at most grocery stores, and even at Costco. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t vegan-friendly. The most common reason why is that most bars have honey, and certain bars have milk and other animal products in them. But there are still a few KIND products you can […]

Which Kashi Cereals Are Vegan? Here’s the Full List…

Kashi makes several cereals, and the majority (but not all) of them are vegan. We’ll go through each one and look at if it’s vegan or not. Non-Vegan Ingredients to Look Out For Unlike some cereals where we can’t be entirely sure if all ingredients are vegan or not, Kashi makes it easy to tell. […]

Are Pop Tarts Vegan? (These Flavors Might Be…)

The bad news is that most Pop Tarts are not vegan, not even close. However, there are a few that might be depending on how “strict” of a vegan you are, and your opinions on controversial ingredients. I’ll quickly go over all the flavors that are not vegan, and then the ones that might be. These Pop Tart Flavors […]

Nature Valley Granola Bars: Which Ones Are Vegan?

Anything “natural” typically has a good chance of being vegan. Some Nature Valley granola bars are clearly not vegan, but some might be depending on how strict your definition of veganism is. I’ll go over the potential problem ingredients in each flavor of the popular “crunchy” bar line, and you can decide for yourself. Non-Vegan Ingredients in […]

Vegan Luna Bars: Find Out Which Flavors Are Vegan

Luna bars are made by the same manufacturer of Clif Bars (many of which are also vegan). While no Luna bar is certified vegan, certain flavors may be vegan (I’ll explain why shortly). Note that cross-contamination can occur, which is why all wrappers state: May contain peanuts, tree nuts, and milk Not a big deal […]

Seitan Nutrition Data: Macros and Protein Content

Seitan nutrition data is hard to find for a good reason. It’s because “seitan” isn’t one specific food, it covers anything made with vital wheat gluten as the main ingredient. In this short post, I’ll go over the macros, protein content, and nutrients in both vital wheat gluten and my favorite seitan recipe. Nutritional information for other seitan […]