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The 4 Best Vegan Butter Substitutes for Baking

Vegan substitutes keep improving. Milk and eggs are easy to find vegan alternatives for. And it turns out that butter is fairly easy too. Think about what butter adds to a recipe, and that will lead you to the substitutions. It mainly adds 2 things: flavor and texture, both of which are mainly a result of its fat content. That’s […]

Nutritional Yeast Amino Acid Profile

It is surprisingly difficult to find the amino acid profile of nutritional yeast. I had to dig around for a while, but eventually I found a study that had it (1). The table below shows the data from that study, plus the amount needed to be considered a complete protein by the World Health Organization […]

Is Seitan A Complete Protein? [Data]

Summary: Whether or not seitan is a complete protein depends on the seitan recipe used Most seitan recipes will be low in lysine, because vital wheat gluten is low in lysine Adding ingredients like chickpea flour and nutritional yeast to seitan, which are both common, can potentially make it a complete protein When you think […]

Do You Need to Boil Seitan? (Or Cook At All?)

There’s a whole lot of confusion around seitan. It’s not a food that’s been popular until lately with the rise of plant-based meat alternatives. So let’s clear up a few common questions about it. Do You Need to Cook Seitan? The answer to this question stems from the fact that “seitan” only exists in a […]

Is Sweetex Vegan? (Sweetener and Shortening)

I always thought that Sweetex was just a sweetener. It turns out that there’s also a Sweetex shortening used for baking – a very different product. I went ahead and looked at whether each Sweetex is vegan friendly or not, so just go to the section you’re interested in. Are Sweetex Tablets Vegan? Sweetex tablets are a […]

100 Vegan Seitan Recipes (Sorted By Time and Meal Type)

I found myself in a bit of a rut making the same seitan recipe over and over, so I thought it was time to try something new. I collected just about every seitan recipe that I could find that looked good and ended up with 100 (possibly more to come in the future). Obviously I […]

Vegan Stocks to Invest In: Public and Private Companies

I support vegan businesses any way I can. One of the ways you might want to do that is by finding vegan companies to invest in, and add them to your portfolio. While you don’t have a ton of options when it comes to vegan companies that are publicly traded, I’ve put together a comprehensive […]

Is Emergen-C Vegan? [Updated]

I have good news and bad news. Some Emergen-C products are vegan, and some are not. Considering all their product lines and flavors, looking through all the ingredients took a while! But now I can confidently break down which Emergen-C products are and aren’t vegan. There are 2 problem ingredients that I ran into: Honey powder – Honey […]

Is Tofu a Processed Food or Whole Food?

Tofu is a processed food. Any food that has been altered from its original (“whole”) form is “processed.” Even peanut butter is processed, since it consists of grinding up peanuts (even with no other ingredients added). There is nothing inherently bad about a food being processed. It’s only bad if the process somehow removes nutrition, […]

Is Tofu a Complete Protein? (i.e. Soy)

Summary: Tofu has a relatively balanced essential amino acid profile While there’s no single definition of a complete protein, tofu is a complete protein by most standards Read the rest of this post to find out why… The most common examples of complete protein sources are animal products like meat, eggs, or milk. The majority […]