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Accidently Ate Animal Product (Dairy, Meat) As a Vegan: What Now?

Sometimes you’ll be assured that a food is vegan and it turns out that it’s not. Other times you may buy something and somehow missed a non-vegan ingredient. And other times, you may learn about some obscure ingredient that apparently isn’t vegan. Almost every vegan has accidentally eaten an animal product at some point. Don’t […]

Are Milk Duds Vegan? (Here are the Ingredients)

Milk Duds are not anywhere close to being vegan. That probably should have been clear by the “milk” in the name. Looking at the ingredient list of Milk Duds and there are many ingredients from animal sources: Corn syrup, Sugar, Vegetable oil (includes Palm oil), Dextrose, Nonfat milk, Whey, Chocolate, Brown sugar, Mono and Diglycerides, […]

High Doses of Vitamin B12 Can Cause Acne: Vegans Beware

Vegans need B12 supplements more than omnivores. But there’s one problem that I often hear about. There are tons of stories on social media that suggest there’s a link between acne outbreaks and taking vitamin B12 supplements. As it turns out, quite a bit of research backs this up. I’ll review it briefly and give you an […]

Is Penicillin Vegan?

Penicillin itself is completely synthetic. The reason that some might think it’s not vegan is because it’s tested on animals. Even though most of the animal testing is long done, there are still researchers testing it in niche situations. For example, here’s a study from 2019 where researchers where researchers induced epileptiform activity in rats. Does Animal […]

The 3 Top Vegan Alternatives to Aquaphor

Aquaphor is a popular healing and moisturizing cream, but unfortunately it’s not vegan since it has lanolin in it. Similarly, many alternatives like eucerin cream also have lanolin in them. I searched around for a while to find the most popular recommendations for vegan alternatives to aquaphor. There were 3 that were highly recommended. ShiKai – Borage […]

Is There a Vegan Alternative to Beeswax Wrap?

As more and more people join the zero waste movement, it’s becoming easier to find eco-friendly food wraps. While most are made of beeswax, some are made from vegan materials like carnauba or candelilla wax. For example, here are some vegan food wraps on Amazon: Those wraps are made from: Our VeganWax is made with ORGANIC […]

2 Vegan Alternatives to Shrimp Paste

It’s difficult to find vegan substitutes for uncommon ingredients like shrimp paste. That leaves you with using alternative ingredients that are “close enough” to the taste and texture of it. There are 2 vegan pastes that have a similar flavor profile and texture. They won’t be perfect, but should do in a pinch (especially since […]

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar on a Vegan Diet?

Vegan diets are notoriously carb-heavy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also eat a lot of sugar, but it can. It’s a common question to wonder if you’re eating an unhealthy amount of sugar. I’ll try to clear this up in this short post. Fruit vs. Processed: The Source Matters The biggest thing to realize […]

How to Be Vegan With a Wheat Allergy

Being vegan is a lot easier if you can eat wheat. But, if you have a wheat allergy, it’s still possible. I’ve summarized the most important things to keep in mind when planning a vegan wheat-free diet. Most Vegan Food Groups Are Still An Option It’s easy to picture a vegan diet mainly containing wheat products […]

The Best Vegan Comfort Food to Eat When Sick

The best food when you’re sick is somewhat bland, but also tastes good. It’s a tough combination, and even tougher when you’re vegan. But you still have quite a few options. I’ve collected a bunch here, in no particular order. Soup! Soup is an amazing food when you’re sick. It goes down easy, and helps […]