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Is Betty Crocker Cake Mix Vegan?

Many cake mixes in a box are “accidentally” vegan. They don’t contain any dairy, so as long as you use a vegan egg alternative and plant-based milk, you’re good to go. None of Betty Crocker’s cake mixes are certified vegan, or even clearly vegan, but some of the mixes may be vegan. I’ve gone through the ingredients for all the different mix […]

Is Cologne Tested on Animals?

Just like women’s perfume is often tested on animals, so is cologne. Animal testing isn’t required for selling cologne in most countries, it is for some – China is the biggest one. So if a cologne brand sells products in China, then they typically test on animals at least for certain products. Sites like Ethical Elephant are good […]

Omega 3 to 6 Fat Ratio of Seeds [Data]

After making a page about the ratio of omega 3 to 6 fats in nuts, it only made sense to do the same for seeds. I collected basic nutritional data for all the common seeds I could think of, and the results are just below. If there are any seeds that I forgot, just let me […]

13 Vegan Snack Ideas for Work (Simple & Convenient)

Most things I’ve read about vegan snack ideas aren’t very portable. At most workplaces, you can’t (or don’t want to) just blend up a fresh smoothie whenever you’d like. That’s why I put together this list of vegan snack ideas specifically for the workplace. For snacks to get on this list, they had to meet most of […]

Are Pillsbury Toaster Strudels Vegan?

Unfortunately, a quick look at the ingredients label reveals multiple ingredients that make toaster strudels NOT vegan-friendly. They have a rather large list of ingredients, but here are the ingredients that a vegan might care about: Palm oil, sugar, whey, mono and diglycerides, egg yolk Whey is a derivative of milk and is never vegan, […]

The Best Vegan Probiotic Powders

Probiotics are one of the most effective ways to try and fix stomach issues. Research has shown that they can improve digestion, mental health, and much more. But since foods like yogurt are off limits for us vegans, there aren’t too many ways to get probiotics in the diet. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and tempeh are options, but don’t […]

The 4 Best Vegan Pomade Brands (Light, Medium, S

A while back I needed to get a new (vegan) pomade, and spent a few hours looking at the different options. Here were the top 4 that I ended up considering, I’m pretty sure any one would’ve been fine. There’s a mix of water and oil-based pomades, and also a mix of hold strengths, so […]

The Best Vegan Leather Belts

We have quite a few options for vegan leather belts these days. To help you navigate through the options, I put together a list of the best brands and belts for different budgets and locations. If you’re looking for a specific type of belt that you don’t see, feel free to leave a comment at […]

Do LCD Screens Have Cholesterol?

I wouldn’t say this is a popular claim, but I’ve seen it in several forums and low-quality blogs and thought I’d address it. The claim is that LCD screens have cholesterol, and therefore vegans shouldn’t buy them. If they do in fact have cholesterol, then vegans should indeed buy alternatives like LEDs instead. However, while researching […]

Do Batteries Contain Gelatin? (If They Do, Are They Vegan?)

Instead of taking a hard look at themselves, a lot of people try to discredit vegans, to justify their positions. One of the latest arguments that I’ve seen popping up is: Batteries contain gelatin, so if a vegan uses a battery, they’re hypocrites. Let’s start with the first part, do batteries in fact contain gelatin? It’s […]