The Complete List of Store-Bought Vegan Desserts to Buy


It was probably next to impossible to find many vegan desserts in stores a decade ago.

But lucky for us now, there’s a pretty good selection in most stores.

It will of course depend on the store (typically pricier stores have more vegan things) and country, but I’ll do my best to go over common options here.

If you have a store like Whole Foods nearby, you can find everything in this post pretty easily.

The only thing I really miss being able to by is pie – I’ve yet to see a common vegan brand in grocery stores.

Many Options From Sweets from Earth

sweets from the earth cakes

Sweets from the Earth is one of the biggest companies who makes only “vegan” foods.

They make cakes, cookies, muffins, and more. You’ll usually find their products in a fridge or freezer section of the store.

One big caveat is about half of their products contain palm oil, which many vegans don’t eat.

Surf Sweet Organic Jelly Beans

surf sweet gummy worms

Surf Sweet makes a variety of candies like jelly beans and gummy worms.

It’s pretty easy to find at least one or two of their products in most grocery stores.

Dark Chocolate Bars

Sometimes simple is the best option.

The majority of dark chocolate bars are vegan. If you’re a new vegan, I’d note that the chocolate industry is rife with slavery, so look for a bar that’s labelled “fair trade” (most dark chocolate bars are, but double-check).

Daiya Cheesecake and Live Cakes

daiya live cakes

Daiya is the most popular vegan cheesecake brand that I’ve seen, you can find them in most North American grocery stores.

Live is another company that is getting more popular, you can find their cakes in most Whole Foods.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream

so delicious ice cream

Vegan ice cream is super easy to find nowadays.

There are several brands, from So Delicious to Halo Top that make it. You’ll obviously pay a bit more, but it’s worth it.

Most non-dairy ice cream is either coconut or cashew based. In my opinion the cashew based ice cream is significantly “creamier” and more like the real thing.

Non-Dairy Fudgesicles and Popsicles

vegan popsicles

The same companies that make non-dairy ice cream have seemed to aggressively move into making related products.

I’ve seen multiple brands of vegan popsicles and fudgsicles, usually located right next to the ice creams.

Certain Cookie Brands Are Vegan

vegan oreos

Finally, cookies are always a good dessert or snack food.

While Oreos may not be vegan in North America (depending on how you view bone char and sugar), there are many knock-off cookies that are similar and vegan-friendly.

The ones pictured above are made by Essentials 365, a fairly popular generic brand.

Most regular cookies aren’t vegan-friendly, but there are quite a few cookies that are marketed towards the “health” crowd (although they’re definitely not healthy) that just happen to be vegan.

If you see a gluten-free cookie, there’s a decent chance that it’s also non-dairy. However, check the ingredients label carefully, because many still aren’t.

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