Are Creatine Supplements Vegan Friendly?


If you’re asking this question, I’m going to assume you already know what creatine generally does, and why supplementing creatine can be beneficial for vegans, especially vegan athletes.

The good news is that creatine supplements can indeed be vegan. Quite a few actually are.

But you also have to be cautious when choosing a creatine for a few simple reasons I’ll go over as quickly as possible.

How Are Vegan Creatine Supplements Made?

Creatine can be made in a lab or extracted from animals.

It’s just a matter of mixing the right 3 amino acids together in a lab, which is a lot easier than extracting the small bits of creatine from animal tissues. Yay!

While most products don’t mention it, if you see the phrase “synthetic creatine”, that’s a good sign.

One Way You Might Accidentally Buy a Non-Vegan Creatine

If you’ve been interested in supplements for a while, you’ve probably heard of “creapure”.

Creapure is simply lab-made creatine monohydrate, and is the gold standard of creatine quality.

This is what we’re looking for right?

Unfortunately, it turns out that the makers of Creapure test on animals (for eye and skin irritation). [Update: The site I originally linked to as a source has shut down. Creapure also claims that their products are vegan now.]

While everyone has different definitions of veganism, testing on animals puts it off the table by most definitions.

So if you see a creatine that says it’s synthetic, but mentions that Creapure is the source of creatine, avoid it.

Where Can You Buy Vegan Creatine Supplements?

You can buy creatine at all the same places you can buy protein powder. Amazon,, and GNC are great if they’re available for you.

To be safe, look for products that are vegan certified, or are known for creating other vegan products.

Here are 3 popular creatine monohydrate powders that are all vegan:

  1. NOW Sports Creatine Monohydrate Powder
  2. Raw Barrel’s – Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder – Unflavored and Micronized
  3. Creatine Monohydrate Powder Micronized by BulkSupplements


The easiest way to manufacture creatine is actually in a lab, which is why many creatine supplements are vegan friendly.

But if you want to be 100% that products are not tested on animals, stick to the well-known vegan brands like the ones I listed above.

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